Position management is the relationship between jobs, positions, employees and all their associated characteristics.

“Job” and “Position” cannot be used interchangeably. A ‘Job’ is a collection of tasks and responsibilities designed to accomplish work within the organization. A ‘Position’ is a specific occurrence of a job, in other words, it is a job independent of an employee. Apart from characteristics inherited from Job, Position has additional characteristics as well.

Advantages of Position Structured System

  • Data can be attached to the positions and employees moved in and out of those positions.
  • Information such as salary, standard hour, reports-to position related to the position can be tracked even if the employee is not tagged to the position.
  • Position specific data can be used for organization planning, succession planning, and recruitment, career planning and budgeting.
  • Can track refills of vacant positions and monitor trends of employees within scope.

PeopleSoft position Management supports

  • Full Position Management (All jobs require positions)
  • Partial Position Management (Some jobs require positions)
  • None (System driven by person)

In HCM 9.2 Image 29, Position Management enhancements:

Navigation: Setup HCM -> Install -> Product Specific -> Position Data installation

Ensure the Fluid Position Management checkbox is checked.

Functionality Enhancements

  1. Position Management Dashboard: The position management dashboard, one stop page for position administrators.

  • Manage Position Tile – The Manage Position tile is used to add new positions, Clone from existing position and Update existing positions.

  • Position Administration Tile – Helps to navigate to a collection of other commonly used position management tasks.

  1. Effective Sequencing: Effective sequencing functionality is now extended to Position records similar to the Job records. This way, the changes made to position records on the same day can be tracked effectively.

As illustrated below, Let us change the ‘report to’ for a particular position by selecting the reason code as ‘Reports To Change’. Observe the effective sequence being incremented automatically from zero to one.

  1. Enhanced Fluid Position Search:

Search Filters can be configured or use the pre-configured filters like Business Unit, Company, Department, Location, Status and Job Code.

The search filters can be modified by navigating to

Reporting Tools-> Pivot Grid -> Pivot Grid Wizard -> Position Data

Step 1: Select the Data Source columns in the second step of Pivot Grid Wizard

Step 2: Modify the Grid Axis as required.

The Fluid Search Page includes new search results column like Company, Current Headcount which provides better insight of a position to an Administrator while reviewing search results.

When a search is made for approved positions, System gives a combined result displaying how many are the approved positions with respect to the Business unit, Company, Department etc.

Modern UI -Simplified guided process

Step 1: Enter the position, Location and Salary Plan information.

Step 2: Enter position specific information like Mail ID, Telephone etc.


Step 3: Enter the budget information


Step 4: In the final step, review all the details entered and submit for the approval.

Taking advantage of PeopleSoft Attachment Framework users can attach one or more supporting documents for approval. User can review data entered before submission.


Fluid Approvals: 

Approvals can be enabled on event of

  • Creating a new position/Cloned from existing position
  • Modifying an existing position

PeopleSoft delivers separate process definitions for both events.

A sample approval process for new position is as as below

  • HR administrator creates a new position and submits for approval

  • Position administrator will receive the notification and can approve, Deny or push back the request by entering appropriate comments.

  • HR administrator will then be notified about the request approval

Business Benefits

  • Guided process helps users create positions with ease
  • Fluid UI -Enhances user experience
  • Accessible across devices
  • Guided process can be configured to hide steps/fields as per our need.


  • Fluid position search does not work with already existing positions. It only searches for the positions which are created using the fluid position creation method.

Omkar Jakate
PeopleSoft Consultant, Kovaion

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