PeopleSoft India SIG 2023

We’re looking forward to the PeopleSoft India SIG event on Feb 16th & 17th, 2023. Grab the opportunity to meet and share the experience among other PeopleSoft Partners and interact with our customers & their experience.

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PeopleTools 8.61

Stay Current: Upgrade your Platform to PeopleTools 8.61

Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.61 with us, to elevate your Oracle PeopleSoft Service. Harness the power of advanced features, including enhanced Fluid User Interface and expanded integration capabilities. Achieve greater efficiency and agility with improved application performance and scalability. Stay at the forefront of technological innovation with our seamless PeopleTools 8.61 Upgrade.

PeopleTools 8.61 Upgrade
PeopleTools 8.60

Experience PeopleTools 8.60 with Us

Interesting new features await the customers on PeopleTools 8.60! PeopleTools 8.60 released for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and On-Premise Customers by Oracle!

Improvements to End-User Experience, Global search, Enhanced Configurable Search framework, Support & improvements to Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA), Oracle Guided Learning (OGL), and Oracle Data Science.

Discover PeopleTools 8.60 with us! As your trusted PeopleSoft partner, our PeopleSoft Service is set to provide even more robust user experience for all our customers!



Our Zero Cost Implementation

Kovaion’s - PeopleSoft Zero Cost Offerings

As Oracle’s PeopleSoft partner, the PeopleSoft services we offer to our customers, as part of the Zero Cost Managed Services Offerings are,

  • Modernization of PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Implementation of PeopleSoft Application end-to-end (OR) Upgrade/Update of Oracle PeopleSoft suite of Applications from any release to the PeopleSoft 9.2 (latest Image) along with Database and PeopleTools Upgrade Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM
  • Leverage Configuration/Isolation of PeopleSoft Customizations by 30% -50% using Oracle’s latest Configuration Frameworks
  • Assessment and Audit of Oracle PeopleSoft Application
  • Continuous Selective Adoption
  • Minor / Major Enhancements on the application with Rapid Fluid Development










Latest PeopleTools / PeopleSoft 9.2 PUM

Update to the Latest PeopleSoft Version

Since Oracle extended its PeopleSoft Support to 2034, have you updated your Oracle PeopleSoft Application? As an Oracle PeopleSoft Partner, our PeopleSoft Support Service can assist you in accomplishing your needs!

Here are the listed benefits of an Updated PeopleSoft Application-

  • Transformed Application from Unsupported version to latest PUM image
  • Accelerated business transformation & innovation
  • Eliminate Invasive Customizations and Technical Debt
  • Leverage Enriched User Interface and Interaction with Fluid
  • Ease of Selective Adoption
  • Optimized User experience
  • Enhanced Operational efficiency
  • Improved Productivity


It's Time for PeopleSoft Cloud Migration with the Best PeopleSoft Service

PeopleSoft Migration to OCI & Cloud Manager

To ensure high performance and reduced TCO, Oracle came up with the improved notion, i.e., the migration of the PeopleSoft On-Premise app to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for a host of benefits namely,

  • Lowered Total Cost of Ownership
    • Hardware
    • Facilities
    • IT Administration and Support
  • Increased scalability
    • Easy Spin-up/tear-down of Application instances
    • Scale up/down DB with no downtime
  • High Performance
  • Intelligent process automation
  • Strengthen security
  • Lifecycle Management with Cloud Manager
    • Automated Lift and Shift
    • Save deployments as templates
    • Selective Adoption and consumption of quarterly PUMs
    • Easy Adoption of new AI features
    • Pre-built Applications, Images Available from the Marketplace
We serve

Our Clientele Verticals/Sectors

Kovaion’s PeopleSoft expertise has proven experience with multiple sectors and industries. Our experience on PeopleSoft service talks about Oracle PeopleSoft implementation, upgrade, support, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) migration for clients across different segments, namely

  • Staffing 
  • Automobile 
  • BFSI  
  • Education 
  • Healthcare 
  • IT & ITES 


Our Client verticals
Achievements for our Oracle PeopleSoft Service

PeopleSoft Awards & Recognitions

Kovaion Consulting has attained remarkable success, underscoring our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in PeopleSoft services. This milestone demonstrates our ongoing dedication to maintaining elevated standards! Here are our PeopleSoft achievements recognized by the Oracle PeopleSoft team.

  • PeopleSoft Partner Recognition Badge 2023
  • The PeopleSoft Innovator Award in collaboration with BITS, KBL & Artech
  • The PeopleSoft Expansion Innovator Award with Jubilant
What do we Implement?

Kovaion's PeopleSoft Product Offerings

  • PeopleSoft HCM offerings – Core HR (Workforce Development), Benefits & Compensation Management, Self-Service Applications (ESS/MSS), onboarding, Absence Management, Time & Labor, Global Payroll, Recruiting Solutions
  • PeopleSoft FSCM Offerings – Financial Management (Billing, Expenses, General Ledger, Payable, Receivables, Treasury/Cash), Asset Management, Supply Chain Management
  • PeopleSoft CS Offerings – Academic Advisement, Campus Community, Campus Self-Service, Contributor Relations, Financial Aid, Gradebook, Recruiting & Admissions, Student Administration, Student Financials
Reach Us If You're Looking for Oracle PeopleSoft Services

Do you Have Any of These Questions Lingering?

If you have any of the below questions, feel free to reach out to our PeopleSoft support service.

  • Is my PeopleSoft Application Outdated?
  • Can I get a free assessment of the Oracle PeopleSoft Application to migrate to OCI?
  • Is my PeopleSoft Application GDPR compliant?
  • How can I reduce customizations to smoothen the PeopleSoft Upgrade next time?
  • What are the latest PUM Image versions of PeopleSoft HCM (Human Capital Management) and how do I digitally transform the application for better benefits of the Application?
  • What is Job Data Modernization and how can my PeopleSoft Application utilize it?
  • What are the prerequisites for using Kibana Visualizations with my PeopleSoft Application?

For any other queries related to our PeopleSoft Service, connect with us! We have a solution to resolve it.













Request for a Demo

If are looking to explore the new features of PeopleSoft (Kibana, Picaso, Cloud Manager, Job Data Modernization, Isolation Techniques (Event Mapping, PFC et al), or any PeopleSoft support services, our EXPERTS are here to give a solution for your queries. Please reach out to us at

Questions You Might Get


  • Has Oracle extended support for PeopleSoft to 2034?

    Yes, Oracle extended support for PeopleSoft to 2034. This extension is confirmed by the updated Lifetime Support Policy datasheet for Applications. According to the revised policy, all PeopleSoft continuous delivery releases will receive support through at least 2034. Oracle is committed to providing a rolling 10 years of support for PeopleSoft, with annual extensions ensuring continuous assistance until any alterations are made to Oracle’s strategy and support for PeopleSoft.

  • What's the Oracle PeopleSoft Latest Version?

    PeopleSoft 9.2 is the latest version released by Oracle in 2013. It delivers a wealth of features over earlier versions to create an appealing option for any industry-specific customer. The PeopleSoft 9.2 latest version enhances the user experience in different ways.

  • When was Kibana Analytics released for the PeopleSoft user interface?

    Kibana was delivered in PeopleTools 8.57 first for administrators to help them analyse the system and index metrics. With the release of PeopleTools 8.58, Kibana was integrated with the PeopleSoft user interface. Kibana is one of the best tools for rich Analytics, reporting, and Visualization.

    Note: Kibana is changed to OpenSearch (OS) and OpenSearch Dashboard (OSD).

  • How does OCI work?

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a set of cloud services that enable customers to build and run a number of applications and services in a highly available hosted environment.

  • What is the latest PUM Image version for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management?

    Oracle delivers PeopleSoft Human Capital PUM Images with new and intuitive features every quarter. The latest version that has been released is PUM Image 48.

  • How can we Integrate another application with PeopleSoft?

    PeopleSoft’s Integration Broker framework uses Web Services to expose the service operations for other applications to consume. In the same way, an external Web Service can be consumed in PeopleSoft.