Building a Help Desk Application with Kovaion App Builder

Any organization thriving for Employee and Customer satisfaction needs a robust and customizable Help Desk management system. The system should be customized along with support for workflows, notifications, and alerts. The system should provide support for various reports and dashboard creation capabilities to generate actionable responses.

In this blog we will see the step by step for setting up a Help Desk application using the Low code app development platform without the need for any code. The platform by default has an inbuilt application and it can be customized to any extent.


Key Features of your Help Desk App: 


1. User forms

User forms help in collecting the required information from the customer/employees on their issues and suggestions. They will be able to enter a subject, add more description using rich text editor and upload evidence in form of documents and screenshots to provide comprehensive context.

Again, each field is customizable to the need of the specific user base.


Fig.1: Create Forms


2. Ticket management

Kovaion App builder provides various options to organize the tickets, set up priorities, add comments and assign the tickets. From setting priorities and adding comments to assigning tickets, Kovaion’s intuitive interface simplifies the entire process, ensuring timely resolution of issues.

View Tickets

Fig.2: View Tickets



3. Multi-Channel support

The tickets can be raised via the web portal, Mobile apps, email and via WhatsApp messages, Kovaion ensures that users can lodge their concerns through their preferred channels, enhancing accessibility and user experience.


4. Knowledge Management System

Kovaion App builder provides an inbuilt knowledge management system which will complement the Help Desk tool by organizing the contents, FAQs, and other project related documents. The projects can be organized in multiple folder/ sub sections. Documents can be searched using the real time text search feature.


Fig.3: Knowledge Management System


5. SLA management

Service level agreements can be set up using the forms based on severity or priority. Based on the SLA, the expected completion time will be set up. Any breach can be identified at the ticket level or at the report level. Many metrics tickets about to be reached and percentage of breaches can be identified.


Fig.4: SLA


6. Reports and Dashboards

Multiple reports and dashboards can be created for analysing the ticket progress, volume of tickets, long pending tickets, tickets for which SLAs are breached. It will provide insight into the trend of tickets and help in taking remedial action for better customer service. From ticket volumes to SLA compliance, Kovaion app builder provides comprehensive insights to drive organizational efficiency.


Fig.5: Reports


7. Workflow Automation and Scheduled Alerts

Kovaion App builder provides the capability to create custom workflows for ticket management. Workflows can be of multiple levels and support email notifications, mobile app push notifications for better compliance. All these workflows can be designed with node code visual builder. Easily customizable based on the customer escalation matrix. Scheduled alerts can be setup to notify stakeholders and to escalate breaches.


Fig.6: Workflows


By leveraging the capabilities of Kovaion App Builder, organizations can create a comprehensive Help Desk application tailored to their unique needs, without the need for extensive coding knowledge.


Benefits of using Kovaion App Builder:

  • No Coding Required: Anyone can build the Help Desk application without needing programming knowledge.
  • Customization: Tailor the application to your specific needs with complete control over forms, workflows, and functionalities.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamline your support processes and boost team productivity.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Provide a better support experience for employees and customers.



Transform your customer support with Kovaion’s Low-Code Platform. Our powerful Help Desk Application Builder is tailored to streamline your support services efficiently. Get started today and leverage a collection of ready-to-use features, including Ticket Management, Automated Responses, a User Feedback System, Incident Reporting, and more – all designed to enhance your customer service experience, at no additional cost!

Building a Help Desk application has never been easier with Kovaion App Builder. From seamless ticket management to insightful analytics and workflow automation, this platform empowers organizations to deliver exceptional customer service and drive operational efficiency. Start building your customized Help Desk solution today and elevate your organization’s support capabilities to new heights.



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