The PeopleSoft fluid Company Directory is a visual representation of hierarchical and organizational structure. Company directory or Org Chart:

  • Is used for searching employee information
  • Is used to view the profile and reporting structure for a specific employee
  • Enables immediate self-service actions using visualization
  • Allows users to initiate IM chats and email communication from Org view
  • Allows users to create/view dotted line relationship with employees

Company directory is completely Fluid based which means it is accessible across devices. PeopleSoft now provides the option to export the organization data to an Excel spreadsheet and having the ability to print, download, and/or export the org chart.

Since the release of Image 27 (PeopleSoft 9.2.27), there has been multiple enhancements pertinent to Org Chart/Company Directory, some of the prominent features are discussed below:

Steps to configure export functionality:

Exporting an org chart to spread sheet helps managers to analyse budget, design team work and generate spread sheet reports.

Enable data export functionality in order to export data to an Excel spread sheet or a Visio graphics file.


Setup HCM > Common Definitions > OrgChartViewer >Chart and Profile Settings


  • Click on company directory tile and then view org chart.
  • Options to export org chart to Excel/Visio or to Print Organization Chart is now available.


Dotted line management:

Dotted Line Relationships represent a one-to-one relationship in between two individuals that is formal. Dotted Line Relationship is responsible for delivering some tasks or other activities but does not need to get involved in the on-going development of the individual or the administrative processes around them.

Dotted Line Reporting allows your employees and managers to manage their own dotted line relationships where the relationships are visually represented on the Company Directory Organization Chart.


Navigate to profile via company directory > Manage Dotted line > Add dotted line report


  • Using the navigation we can create a dotted line report or manager

  • Click on view org chart symbol of any employee to see dotted line relationship.


Company Directory Usability improvements

Configuration to add Contact Information in Org Chart Profile

Use Case: Instead of displaying Telephone-Mobile, which is a delivered configuration, a new field ‘Mobile’ needs to be displayed in org chart profile view.


Set Up HCM > Common Definitions > Org Chart Viewer > Chart and Profile Field Map > Chart and Profile Field Map

1. Add the field mobile in Chart and Profile Field Map

  • Mapping Tab: Use this tab to map the data elements.


Assign to Feature: Company Directory Fluid

  • Data Source tab: Use this tab to identify the source record information specific to the data element.


  • Label tab: Use this tab to set the label information


  • Fetch Method tab: Use this tab to assign the code used for fetching and displaying the data element.

Any class assigned to fetch the data under Fetch Method tab of Chart and Profile Field Map must be inherited from HRCD_COMPANY_DIRECTORY:DATA_ELEMENTS: DataElementBase.


  1. Select the mobile to be displayed on contact Information under Chart and Profile Settings for Company Directory Fluid.


SetupHCM > Common Definitions > OrgChartViewer >Chart and Profile Settings


  1. The company directory profile of a person will display the mobile instead of Telephone – Mobile.


Business Benefits

  • One-stop shop for identifying and visualizing human capital
  • Accessible across devices
  • Helps employees understand where they fit into the overall corporate structure
  • ESS and MSS related activities performed on the go using related actions.

Amrit Kumar Gupta
Associate PeopleSoft Consultant, Kovaion

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