Where did we begin?

Kovaion – The Story of Origin

Many entrepreneurs are born in the face of breaking the monotony and the resulting drive to find WHAT’S NEXT. This was the case with Nanda Kumar, who, at 28 years old, reminisces about his life 15+ years ago.

Being in love with computers and computer programming since childhood, his commitment to exploring technology led him into the IT field in 2004. There, he had the opportunity to grow his passion for the domain by solving complicated modern business problems as a Software Consultant. After working for more than half a decade in this role, his idea of innovating new technologies by placing himself in the customers’ shoes triggered the launch of a new business.

When he introduced his NEXT step, his wife nodded YES immediately. That’s how the organization was registered in the UK as “Kovaion” in 2010. The India Entity was registered under the same name in 2011. Geared up with its first client, “Hays,” Kovaion started its Oracle Consulting Services for various clients and explored the market boundaries across the globe with its rich culture and commitment to core values.

The choices he made over the last 15+ years are shaping the organization into what it is today!

Our Branding

Kovaion – The Story of Brand Name

Our Founder & Director, Nanda Kumar, is an organized and pragmatic individual who enjoys being in touch with his roots and leading a simple lifestyle. When he thought to start a business, he ensured that “KOVAI” is the absolute fit for the brand name without any second thoughts.

Yes, Coimbatore, often called Kovai, a Tier-II City known for its tremendous weather conditions and down-to-earth, respectful people, is his native place. The story behind the name KOVAI will leave you in no doubt and might even surprise you! Here it goes.

“This City Coimbatore was once a Jungle, not at all fit for people to live. Kovan, the Chief person, worked hard and made this land worth living. Rewarding his efforts, this land is renowned as KOVANPUTHUR (The Land Renewed by Kovan), and later it became KOVAI. Koni, the deity of this land, is given a temple at the city center and is still worshipped as the Goddess of the City.”

The way Nanda Kumar correlates this story with his brand name is simply spellbinding. In the IT Jungle, our company will always stay PROACTIVE (ON) for every need of our customers to digitally transform their business to the NEXT level! This is how KOVAION was born and is still ruling the IT world by delivering its Business Value with Velocity.

He loves the way he brought the attention of customers from all over the world to his hometown, so-called a TIER-II City. What a Payback by the Son of the Soil! No wonder, this shows the Gratitude & Admiration towards his roots.

Man Behind KOVAION

Mr. Nanda Kumar, Founder & Director

Setting the Strategic Direction for the organization as a successful entrepreneur and experienced Technology Executive, he creates the Key Values and promotes them by leading with Client-First Culture, focusing on and ensuring sustainable growth.

Who We Are?

A Global Leader in IT Services & Consulting

With 15+ years of Experience and over 600+ Fortune Customers globally, Kovaion is the trusted Oracle Partner for Business Transformation and Technology Solutions specialized in PeopleSoft, HCM Cloud, Taleo, CRM, Application Development, and Automation. Since 2010, our team has grown to over 250+ Adroit Software Professionals.

What We Do?

We enable success for our Clients, Employees and Society we live in

Delivering Innovation as part of our partnership promise, we engage with our customers to transform their IT and Business capabilities to address the trends proactively while accelerating the solution delivery. At Kovaion, we do this through trusted long-term partnerships, delivering innovative business and digital solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We do Business Transformation, Our Clients Call it MAGIC

We have been leading the market right from the establishment and become a trusted one-stop destination for all Business needs. Strengthened by a team of professional, expert people and our unique customer-centric model, Kovaion connects all the technical gaps of an organization with our tailored technology solutions.

Our Team of Excellence

The base of people who work together for Top-Notch Service Quality

At Kovaion, we have industry and technology experts who cumulate vast knowledge and rich oracle experience to build the right solutions and deliver first-class services to all our customers. For this, our leadership team focuses on thinking and developing innovative applications beyond imagination.

We are Together

Kovaion is a Family More than a Company

Happy Team, Happier Clients –Achieving this has been our Core Purpose over the years.

Kovaion encourages its team members to have an entrepreneurial spirit. Our leadership team regularly checks in with the team to feel supported and heard. We thrive for work-life balance, by always putting our employees’ needs first.

Kovaion revolves around the idea that everyone matters!

KOVAION’s Success Story Since 2010

How We Started & How We Are Growing

We Work Together

Our Business Approach is toward providing results

What We Believe?

We strongly believe that our clients & employees are the reason behind our success. So, we crave our clients’ feedback & suggestions meanwhile we ensure each employee of our organization is happy & satisfied with life at work and home.

Our Vision

We help businesses in creating a sustainable digital ecosystem by providing Agile, Intelligent, and Personalized solutions and services to accelerate their growth through a digital transformation journey.

Our Mission

We want to be the best-in-class solutions and service providers and always be at the forefront of any technological advancement, using new forms of technology to serve our enterprise customers.