Workplace Safety First – Track Incidents and Illness effectively using PeopleSoft

Workplace Safety First – Track Incidents and Illness effectively using PeopleSoft

Finding difficult to track covid19 incidents amongst employees?

Getting illness details through mails or calls?

We all know that tracking health and safety incidents among employees is a much-needed routine in present days for an organization and managing those records is crucial.

The burden is over! PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 already has a delivered functionality “Health and Safety Module” that will help Organizations plan their COVID/Post-COVID activities with no extra license cost. Also additionally PeopleSoft has delivered Health and Safety Self Service feature in PUM36 and its Kibana analytics in PUM37 image releases which automates the above tasks.

Key features of the latest releases include Employee acknowledgment, Self-Service incident reporting, people connection, attachments, and analytics.

Join us in this informative Webinar to understand how to ease your Health and Safety measures by using PeopleSoft health and Safety features.

Date : Wednesday, 24th Feb 2021
Time : From 3:30 PM (IST)
Duration : 30 Mins
Speaker : Akshay Vimal J, PeopleSoft Consultant, Kovaion
Session Focus: Ease Health & Safety measure of Organizations by using PeopleSoft Health and Safety Module


Key highlights of the webinar include:-

  • At no Extra license Cost, enabling the use of PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 “Health and Safety
  • Module” with latest Self-Service and Kibana features
  • Ease of recording and tracking incidents that occur at workplaces
  • Tracking employee’s health-related concerns and providing them good facilities
  • Transparent and time-saving submission.
  • Kovaion’s experience and expertise

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