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Touchpoints is a new self-service module by Oracle, designed to create a consistent channel of interaction between managers and employees. Oracle Touchpoints empowers employees to express their opinions and ensures that their voices are heard. Managers use this platform to regularly connect with their team members, understand their feelings through surveys, and establish check-ins for ongoing discussions.


What is Kovaion’s highlights in this quickread video?

  • Touchpoints is a complete employee experience platform that guides employees through professional and personal activities and streamlines communication across the organization.
  • It has tools to strengthen the manager-employee relationship, connect employees with their peers in meaningful ways, and celebrate achievements.


Business Benefits:

Here are some of the benefits of using Touchpoints.

  • Continuous engagement tools that allow managers to capture, track, and act on employee sentiment.
  • Touchpoints survey to gauge Employee and Workplace mood.
  • Offers employees and managers a potent combination.
  • Guided stop across employee journey to check the risk of Employee resignation.
  • Supports employees with tools to voice their opinions and proactively enhance their work interactions.

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