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With the latest release of PeopleTools 8.54  , Oracle has introduced  the Fluid User  Interface experience.

The Fluid UI provides the users with the ability to access PeopleSoft applications across a variety of form factors from smart phones to tablets to desktops/laptops. Fluid also provides a common user experience on variety of devices regardless of the screen size. Through this responsive design, browser will resize itself depending on device size.

Lets have  a look at the home page that is rendered after the latest peopletools has been used.

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The important features of home pages are as below:

  • Home Pages
  • Tiles
  • PeopleSoft Search widget
  • Notifications widget
  • Actions widget
  • Navigation Bar widget.

The fundamental feature of the Fluid Model is the Home Page which provides the base for the users or the customers to navigate and carry out the respective works.

In a way Fluid home pages are similar to the current home pages but  fluid model provides the end user with the new User experience that renders well on the dashboard or the home pages.

Tiles/Grouplets are lifeline of Fluid UI page. Tiles help the user to navigate to a fluid page or classic PIA page.

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  •  Device independent
  • Gives the response based on user device
  • Can be personalized based on needs e.g. Tiles can be added or deleted from homepage based on personal needs

      Development Steps 

Let us design a simple fluid UI page for following requirement..

  • To create a fluid homepage for Recruiter
  • To add a tile for Applicant search

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  • Classic PIA search for a component does not work in Fluid. User should create a separate search by selecting the correct layout.
  • Currently, only light weighted applications can be deployed in fluid mode e.g. components like add a person, job data which demands heavy data entry are not suited for fluid mode.
  • Currently, some features, like spell check, rich text editor, Find In for grids, Download to Excel, modal movement or re-sizing, are not available in fluid.