Security Migrations Made Easy using Oracle HCM Cloud



Security plays a critical role in any digital journey to safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access. Oracle HCM Cloud offers a structured and efficient way to handle manage security, particulary in the role migration across applications, by ensuring data integrity. Once the roles are validated in the non-production environments, the below steps will enable the HCM Cloud consultants to seamlessly move the custom roles to different environments without any additional assistance.


Steps to Migrate Roles:


  • Go to the Setup and Maintenance for exporting roles.



Fig.1: Setup and Maintenance


  • Click on “User and Security” in the function area of the setup.



Fig.2: User and Security


  • Choose the Export option and click on create new.



Fig.3: Steps to Create New Project for export the file


  • Click on the “Add” on the export offering setup data page.



Fig.4: Place to add the Roles


  • Following that, click the Apply option after finding and selecting the roles that should be migrated.



Fig.5: Select the Target Role for Import


  • Click on Submit once roles are selected.



Fig.6: Verify the selected role and submit it


  • To view export status in setup page.



Fig.7: Project Export Status


  • To View the Progress of the export process, click on the “Exporting Setup Data” under setup page.



Fig.8: Completion Status


  • Once the export process is completed, download the file.



Fig.9: Download the Project


Target to Import Instance


Steps to uploading the Export data to the target environment:

  • Go to Setup and Maintenance for importing roles.

Fig.10: Setup and Maintenance


  • Choose “Users and Security” in the compensation’s menu.
  • Choose the Import option and then click on Create New option.



Fig.11: Steps to Create New Project for Import the File


  • Upload the file using the “Choose File” option in the import offering setup data page.



Fig.12: Place to Upload the Exported File


  • Once file uploaded submit option enabled, click on submit.



Fig.13: Verify the Uploaded file


  • To View the import status in setup page.


Project Upload Status

Fig.14: Project Upload Status


  • To view the process of the import status, choose “Import from User and Security” in the setup menu.


Project Status

Fig.15: Project Status



Fig.16: Place to Check Import Status


  • Once the Completed successfully LDAP in schedule process.



Fig.17: Completion Status


  • Role imported successfully.



Fig.18: Migrated Role



  • Useful for both implementation and support projects.
  • Ensures Data Integrity and Security.
  • Streamlines the role migration process.
  • Saves time and avoid errors due to manual migration.


The Bottom Line:

In conclusion, Oracle HCM Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for managing security and role migration, crucial elements in any digital transformation journey. By following the simplified steps outlined above, HCM Cloud consultants can seamlessly migrate custom roles across different environments, ensuring data integrity and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. This efficient process not only saves time but also enhances security measures, benefiting both implementation and support projects. With Oracle HCM Cloud, organizations can confidently navigate their digital journey while prioritizing security and efficiency.


Author: Mohamed Eliyas Nagoor Meeran, Oracle HCM Consultant

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