PeopleSoft HCM PUM 47 | Time and Labor Component Lockdown


Release Information:

This new enhancement was released in PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 47.



The Time and Labor Component Lockdown Framework with clear group creation and user role definition, along with seamless product key integration, organizations gain unparalleled control over access and security. It introduces clear group creation, user role definition, and seamless product key integration. The framework ensures transparency by documenting lockdown events with reasons, offering precise controls for locking down time and labor components for prior or current periods.


What is new in image 47?

The HCM Lockdown Framework, launched in PeopleSoft for the Global Payroll module in HCM Image 46. Peoplesoft image 47 upgrades this framework and streamlines Time and Labor management with overall operational efficiency.

Navigation: Main Menu ->Setup HCM -> Common Definitions -> Lockdown Framework Setup


1. Lockdown Component eligibility

Lockdown eligibility groups, established through the Lockdown User Group Page, dictate the individuals impacted by the lockdown. These groups may be structured according to user roles or product keys, giving administrators the flexibility to include or exclude specific members from the lockdown group.


Fig 1.1: Lockdown Component Eligibility


2. Defining Lockdown Events

The lockdown framework offers flexibility in determining the timing, rationale, and scope of component lockdowns. Administrators can define the specifics of a lockdown event on the Lockdown Event Definition page. These events can be either general or process-based, enabling targeted lockdowns according to processes and stages.

For process-based events, administrators must specify the involved processes and phases. The sequence number dictates the order of the lockdowns. Additionally, the lockdown message section allows administrators to provide a customizable message explaining the reason behind user exclusion from a component.


Fig 1.2: Lockdown Component Group


3. Setting up Lockdown Schedules

Administrators can specify the timing of the lockdown by defining schedules or processes and phases through the Lockdown Schedule Options section. Within this section, they can enable, disable, or delete lockdown schedules. Through configuring these schedules, administrators can exert precise control over when the lockdown is initiated, thereby minimizing disruption to critical processes.


Fig1.3: Lockdown Event Definition


4. Setting up Processes and Phases

The Process Phase Setup page is essential for configuring processes and phases for lockdown purposes. Administrators can define these processes and phases for products or countries, which are then utilized to lock down components. This setup captures the required phases that will be reflected in event definitions, thereby improving the precision of the lockdown framework.


Fig1.4: Lockdown Events


5. Lockdown messages in Enter Time

After completing the configuration process, we need to activate the framework. Users listed for exclusion will be restricted from entering time, and they will also receive notifications containing the lockdown message.

Lockdown-Message-in-report time

Fig1.5: Lockdown Message in report time


Conclusion & Features

The lockdown framework in PeopleSoft HCM, depicted in image 46, extends its component lockdown capabilities to various processes such as Global Payroll, Absence Management, and Payroll for North America. In image 47, it further extends its coverage to the Time and Labor module. This comprehensive expansion ensures the protection of critical data across multiple functional areas within HCM.



  • Available for all Time and Labor components.
  • Enables quick lock/unlock via Lockdown Event Definitions.
  • Defines multiple roles and users simultaneously, with the option to exclude users from lockdown.
  • Ensures seamless continuation of lockdown measures between processes.


Author: Jayaraj R, PeopleSoft Team

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