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With PeopleSoft HCM PUM Image 46, PeopleSoft has delivered the ability to add additional fields that appear next to an employee’s name such as person’s pronouns, contact details, remoter work status, or job-related information, allowing you to display these fields in the header. This enhancement helps users quickly access and view additional employee information.

The inclusion of these supplementary header fields contributes to a more comprehensive view of employees, reinforcing efficient and informed HR processes within the PeopleSoft HCM ecosystem. This feature empowers HR professionals with a holistic perspective, enabling them to make more informed decisions and streamline their workflow effectively.

Here are the steps for Employee Header Configuration:


STEP 1: Preview Header Page:

Navigation: Set Up HCM > Common Definitions > Employee Header Configuration > Header Page Design > Header Page Design

On the Header Design page, click the Header Preview button.


Fig 1. Preview Header Page


STEP 2: Header Page Design page

Navigation: Set Up HCM > Common Definitions > Employee Header Configuration > Header Page Design > Header Page Design

The search page shows the Header ID field. Use “Add a New Value” to add a new Header ID. To view an existing Header ID, enter relevant data and find the available Header ID.


Fig 2. Header Page Design


STEP 3: Header Component Setup page

Navigation: Set Up HCM > Common Definitions > Employee Header Configuration > Header Component Setup > Header Component Setup

This example shows the fields and controls on the Header Component Settings page.


Fig 3. Header Component Setup


STEP 4: Component Selection:

In this stage, the component name, market, and previously created header ID from the Header Page Design phase must be chosen. Upon selection, click Save to solidify the configuration.


STEP 5: Observing the Changes:

On the Remote Worker page, we can see the Employee Header updated with the changes.


Fig 4. Employee Header reflecting the Changes Done


Benefits of Employee Header Configuration:

Here are some benefits of using a configurable header display:

  • The configuration options available in PeopleSoft applications for user employee header fields for pages.
  • A configurable header display can enhance the user experience by providing a responsive and dynamic header that adapts to the user’s device and screen size.
  • Overall, a configurable fluid header display in PeopleSoft Image 46 can provide significant benefits in terms of user experience, productivity, branding, security, and maintenance.


The Bottom Line:

With PeopleSoft HCM PUM Image 46’s novel enhancement, the process of managing and interacting with employee information takes a leap forward. By conveniently presenting crucial details right alongside the employee’s name, PeopleSoft enhances user experience, making access to relevant insights faster and more streamlined. This transformation not only empowers HR professionals but also underscores PeopleSoft’s commitment to innovation in the realm of human resource management.


Author: Aswini Saravanan, PeopleSoft Consultant.

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