Leverage-the -Next-Gen-solution-to-find-RIGHT-TALENT-Oracle-Recruiting-Cloud

Leverage the Next-Gen solution to find RIGHT TALENT – Oracle Recruiting Cloud

What brings satisfaction to a Recruiting team? – Attracting brilliant candidates, delivering wonderful candidate experience, functionality of automated features to drive hiring. When the Future of Recruiting is already here, what are we waiting for?

Join us on this Webinar to get introduced to Oracle Recruiting Cloud – a comprehensive hiring tool in Oracle Talent Management Cloud to ease off the recruitment process.

With launch of ORC, Oracle has provided a complete solution to its users from Hire to Retire. Being a complete configurable solution, ORC intertwines with the HCM ecology, drawing in the best and talented candidates, enabling data-driven decisions.


Attend the webinar to discover and experience the answers for

  • Is it the right time to switch to ORC?
  • Why mid-large organization prefer ORC?
  • How ORC facilitates conversion of candidate data to employee in Oracle HCM?
  • How ORC facilitates Recruitment marketing practices?
  • What are the key highlighted features?
  • How does ORC’s AI and Automation enable Organizations to enable data-driven decisions?


Business Benefits of ORC:

  • Effortless Collaboration
  • Coherent Job Postings- seamless integration with Job posting sites
  • Methodical Recruitment Process
  • Unified single Platform for all your recruitment and HR operations need.
  • Chatbots to ameliorate candidate experience- pre and post hiring.


Date: 11th May 2022

Time: 3:30 PM IST

Duration: 30 mins

Speaker: Robinson Ngangom, HCM Cloud Associate Techno-Functional Consultant, Kovaion

Session Focus: Overview of ORC, Latest Upgrade Features of ORC & Demo

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