PeopleTools 8.59 | Exploring Search & Navigation Features

Both administrators and base users always face the compelling need of going to and fro from various navigations to the other according to their requirements. PeopleTools 8.59 had introduced several enhancements to the Search Framework, which makes a compelling case for customers to adopt a search-centric navigation experience.


Add a visible search bar at the top

  • The top center of the Peoplesoft application contains the search bar for searching any keywords or transactions.

Fig.1 PeopleTools HCM PIA Page with the top Search Bar


Suggestive Searching

  • Suggestive searching enhances the user experience by providing multiple matches similar to the user key inputs.

Fig. 2 – ESS (Employee Self Service) Page with suggestive searching taken into use.


Searching for Tiles

  • One can directly search and navigate to the specific available tile inside the Menu Items.

Fig. 3 – Demonstration of tile-based searching in HCM PIA.


Finding and Drilling Straight into the Transaction

  • Intuitive searching and real-time indexing based on user inputs are now available.

Fig. 4 – Entering the exact transaction by just entering its name through the search bar


Real-time Indexing

  • The user gets keyword matches from the recently visited history of pages, which are always classified on the top as can be seen in the figure below.
  • We get abundant suggestions with a combination of both user input and other users’ recently accessed functionalities.

Fig. 5: ESS with Notification Panel


Benefits and Summary

  • For any platform, an appropriate search experience increases productivity and also user engagement with the application.
  • With every coming development and with each version of PeopleTools it is kept in mind to eliminate the unsatisfactory features and build an application that offers the core capabilities along with advanced search features and pre-built UI elements.


Sankalp Srivastava
PeopleSoft Techno-Functional Consultant

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