Evaluation Management allows organizations to electronically capture, review and analyse an evaluator’s input obtained during a screening process. Taleo offers an unique optimized solution.

Different participants of an organization are involved in the evaluation process. After creation of requisition in the Taleo system, the evaluation forms and the participants will be chosen. While scheduling the interview, panel members, date & time of the interview and the evaluation forms are selected and a link of the evaluation form will be sent to the panel member. Once the interview is completed, the same will be used for the feedback.

Steps in Using Evaluation Questionnaire:

Step 1: Tag Evaluation questionnaire to the Requisition

User will add evaluation forms to the respective requisitions from the below navigation.

Navigation: Home Recruiting Choose the respective Requisition Click on Interviews tab Add evaluation questionnaires under “Resources” section

Figure : Add Evaluation Questionnaire to Requisition

Figure : Select appropriate Questionnaire

Step 2: Create Interview and Add Participants

Once the evaluation questionnaire was tagged to the requisition, user can create the interview for the candidate.

Navigation: Home Recruiting Choose the respective Requisition Click on Interviews tab Click on “Create Interview”

Figure : Click on “Create Interview”

User will be able to add any number of participants, select the questionnaire, choose the date and time while scheduling the interview.

Figure : Click on “Add Participants”

Figure : Choose Participant

Figure : Click on “Save Interview”

Step 3: Accept/Decline Interview

Once the user saves the interview, evaluator/panel member will receive an email notification asking for his/her response on the scheduled interview.

Figure : Notification to Evaluator to Accept/Decline Interview

Figure : Accept/Decline Interview

Step 4: Submit Feedback

Once evaluator accepts the interview, recruiter will receive an email notification stating that evaluator has accepted the interview and evaluatior will receive another email notification with a link to access evaluation questionnaire from which evaluator will be able to submit the feedback.

Figure : Notification to Recruiter on evaluator’s response to scheduled interview

Figure : Notification to Evaluator to access Evaluation Questionnaire

Figure : Submit feedback

Evaluator will receive an email notification acknowledging the submission of evaluation questionnaire.

Figure : Acknowledgement email notification to Evaluator

Recruiter will also get an email notification stating that the evaluation questionnaire has been submitted.

Figure : Notification to Recruiter on the feedback submission

Step 5: View Results

Once evaluator has submitted the feedback, Recruiter will now be able to view the results for the candidate.

Figure : View Interview Result

Figure : Submitted Evaluation Form

Business Benefits:

  • Capture the feedback electronically within the system.
  • Help users to take the decision on the candidatures based on the weightage.
  • A report can be developed which will help users to view results of all candidates who are associated with a specific evaluation form.


  • Evaluation forms cannot be contextualized to a particular entity and the forms will be available globally.
  • Evaluation forms cannot be tagged to requisitions automatically and the user must do the same manually.
  • “Date of Interview” cannot be captured within the evaluation form but the system will capture the date outside the evaluation form under “Interview” tab.
  • Users will not be able to take a print copy of the evaluation forms that are submitted by evaluator/panel member.