Geofencing Unleashed: Elevating Time Management in HCM Cloud Web Clocks

In the modern era dominated by digital technologies, companies are continuously searching for inventive ways to optimize processes and improve efficiency. One such technology gaining traction is geofencing, particularly in web-based time clock systems. With 24B, Oracle introduces this feature in web clock. Geofencing rapidly detects instances where employees clock in or out outside of their designated workplace areas. Utilizing geo-fencing features, Oracle ensures that employees are exactly where they need to be when clocking in or out. This feature offers an excellent solution for companies aiming to achieve precise time tracking based on location for both in-house and remote staff.


Steps to Configure Geofencing for Web Clock:


Step 1: Navigate to Setup and Maintenance.


Fig.1: Setup and Maintenance


Step 2: Search for Worker Time Entry Profiles.


Fig.2: Worker Time Entry Profiles


Step 3: Click on the “Enable geofencing for Web Clock” checkbox.


Fig.3: Geofencing for Webclock


Step 4: The Radius will be in Meters, and it will default to 50 meters, but you can request to change it.

Setting-Radius-for- Fencing

Fig.4: Setting Radius for Fencing


Step 5: When enabling geofencing for Web Clock, you can now specify a validation mode by selecting either of the options mentioned below.

  • Record and report: Shows the worker a message letting them know that their manager was notified that they reported time outside their geofence. It also records the clock event with an exception.
  • Restrict: Won’t allow the worker to record web clock events outside the primary assignment work location. 

Fig.5: Geofence Validation Mode


Step 6: Finally, click on the Save and Close button to complete the Worker Time Entry Profile configuration.


Now, Login as an Employee and navigate to web clock.


  • If an employee violates the radius when the violation mode is set to “Record and Report”, the below warning message pops up.
Employee-view-of- “Record and Report”-geofence-violation-Web-Clock

Fig.6: Employee view of “Record and Report” Geofence Violation Web Clock


  • This image displays the output when the violation mode is set to “Restrict” whereas the Employee cannot punch in/out their entries.
Employee- view-of-“Restrict”-geofence-violation-Web-Clock

Fig.7: Employee view of “Restrict” Geofence Violation Web Clock


  • The “Geofence violation” FYI notification will trigger to their corresponding manager.

Fig.8: Manager view of Geofence Violation Notifications



Fig.9: Summary of Geofence Violation Notification


Business Benefits:

  • This functionality enables time and labor managers to verify that employees log their web clock activities from authorized work sites when utilizing mobile devices.
  • This helps ensure that employees are at work when they say they are, increasing the overall accuracy and integrity of your attendance data.
  • Web Clock keeps managers in the loop by sending real-time notifications when employees clock in or out of geo-fenced locations
  • Effortlessly oversee and confirm employee compliance with designated geo-fenced work areas, bolstering accountability and adherence to regulations.


Author: Jansi Rani, Oracle HCM Cloud Consultant.

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