5 Ways to Engage Your Employees | WhatsApp Business App

Do you know that more than 2.3 billion individuals are active WhatsApp users? This means that businesses must step their feet on WhatsApp to engage more – with customers and employees. Currently, similar to interacting and attracting customers, it is equally important to focus the same on employees.

One of the best ways to interact and communicate with your business employees is through WhatsApp. WhatsApp is on trend with lots of features. It acts as one of the best messaging channels for every business.

Having an organization with 200+ employees, 3+ locations and more than 66+ teams can sometimes be complicated to manage. Now with our “Kovaion Intelligent WhatsApp Communication platform”, you can easily engage your employees from anywhere and anytime.

In this article, we have listed some of the essential features of the WhatsApp business app that assists every organization in the right way to reach their employees. Please find the various engagement scenarios that an organization must use on the WhatsApp Business app to handle their task easily and effectively.

  • Onboarding of Candidates
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Special Occasion Wishes
  • Event Reminders
  • Access to Assets


Onboarding of Candidates:

Finding the right talent, validating them, and onboarding them at the right time can sometimes be a hassle for the entire recruitment team, especially for freshers from different locations. If you are one among them, how about creating templates with the details of the office locations, contact details of the respective authority, date and time of joining, and the list of required documents that must be handy at the time of joining with the help of our WhatsApp business automation integration? Every business needs to simplify its tasks. Without business templates, you save time and can focus more on your non-skippable task.



Schedule Interviews:

Candidates and panel members tend to forget their slots in their busy schedules! Setting a reminder to both the candidates and the panel members on the WhatsApp business app can save a lot of last-minute hassle. Create templates with variables mentioning the date, timing, meeting URL, and the list of panelists and schedule it at your preferred date and time.



Special occasion Wishes:

Exposing your employees that you care about them even when they are out of their office hours would make them feel delighted. But manually messaging the special occasion wishes is more time-consuming and as per the count of employees, it is hard and sometimes impossible. To achieve this and grab your employee’s attention with the WhatsApp business automation app. One of the best platforms to perform this is the “Kovaion Intelligent WhatsApp Communication platform”. Just schedule your desired wishes based on the special occasion through our WhatsApp business intelligence tool and reach your employees on their special day on time!



Event Reminders:

Conducting an event in an organization needs a lot of follow-ups that would consume a lot of time. But adding reminders via WhatsApp can be so much time-saving. It is more obvious that people forget their event date and time. But with the right WhatsApp message automation software, every event can be caught on time. With our WhatsApp business integration tool, create the templates for all standard team meetings with the meeting URLs and schedule them. Further, announcements for webinars are not a problem, just schedule them and focus on your business to reach the business goal.



Access to Assets:

Accessing your assets at the right time is something important to plan your various tasks. Having access to your pf details, your leave calendars, and more can help your employees at the right time. Our “Kovaion Intelligent WhatsApp Communication platform” in association with AI enables you to have access to your assets from anywhere and anytime without a delay.


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