Alternate Email for Employees during Job Application | ORC | QuickRead


Refer to this QuickRead to understand the business use and how to implement the new update of Oracle Fusion Cloud Recruiting 22D release, ‘Alternate Email for Internal Candidate’.

Oracle Cloud Recruiting (ORC) enables the organization’s employees to apply for job openings through Internal Career Page. Certain types of employees such as contingent workers and contractors don’t have an official email. Therefore, their work email (W1) is usually left blank in the HCM record. When such an employee applies for a job through an internal career page, their email as a candidate is left empty. The emails must be updated by recruiters again from the candidate details page. To avoid the rework of updating the email of internal candidates, Oracle Cloud Recruiting (ORC) has a new update where internal employees without W1 can provide an alternate email during a job application.


Business Benefits

Here are the business benefits of using Alternate Email for Internal Candidates in Oracle Fusion Cloud Recruiting.

  • Prevent candidates from missing out on updates from recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Reduce rework for recruiters.