Oracle CloudWorld 2023: Discover the Latest News

Step into the world of Oracle CloudWorld 2023 (Day 1 & Day 2) through this blog post, where you’ll uncover its exciting happenings. Dive into the event’s key highlights and developments that have piqued the interest of professionals. Get ready to explore the latest trends that are transforming the landscape of cloud technology.

On the day of Oracle CloudWorld 2023, the tech giant has already made a series of noteworthy announcements. Although we’ll get more details in Safra’s upcoming talk, here’s a quick look at the most important updates so far:

  • Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians Paving the Way for Future Success: They are using Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications to lay the foundations for the success of future generations.
  • TrueBlue Streamlines Finance and HR: TrueBlue has automated its financial and HR processes with the help of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.
  • Providence Enhances Enterprise Operations: Providence is boosting its enterprise operations using Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.
  • Tenet Healthcare Optimizes HR and Payroll: Tenet Healthcare has streamlined its HR and payroll processes with Oracle’s assistance.
  • Red Bull Ford Powertrains Builds a Hybrid Engine: Red Bull Ford Powertrains has harnessed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to construct a hybrid engine from scratch.
  • Thales Supports External Key Management: Thales is now offering support for external key management within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Amdocs and Oracle Transform Service Providers’ Journey: Amdocs and Oracle are working together to expedite service providers’ transition to the cloud.
  • Loblaw Modernizes IT Infrastructure: Loblaw is revamping its IT infrastructure with the implementation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Oracle Revolutionizes Payments and Transaction Banking: Oracle is changing the game in payments and transaction banking by moving to the cloud.
  • Healthcare Optimization with Oracle: Oracle is assisting healthcare organizations in optimizing workforce management and addressing financial, planning, and supply chain challenges.
  • Generative AI in Healthcare: Oracle is introducing generative AI capabilities in healthcare, ushering in a new era.
  • Burjeel Holdings’ Contract with Oracle: Burjeel Holdings PLC has awarded Oracle Health a contract worth AED 125 million to implement a cutting-edge electronic medical record ecosystem.
  • Next-Generation EHR and Generative AI: Oracle is transforming care delivery with the next-generation Millennium EHR and generative AI capabilities.
  • Oracle and Mastercard Speed Up Access to Working Capital: Oracle and Mastercard are collaborating to provide customers with faster access to working capital.
  • Transforming Higher Education: Oracle’s new student offering is revolutionizing the higher education experience.
  • Last Mile Delivery with Uber: Oracle and Uber are co-innovating to transform the last-mile delivery process in retail.
  • GuiCampaigns for Revenue Acceleration: Oracle is enabling marketing and sales teams to expedite revenue growth with GuiCampaigns.
  • Artificial Intelligence Across Applications: Oracle is infusing artificial intelligence into marketing, sales, and service applications to empower customers to grow their revenue.
  • Enhanced Customer Service with Generative AI: Oracle is introducing generative AI capabilities to help organizations improve customer service.
  • Java 21 and Extended Support: Oracle has released Java 21 and extended its support roadmap.

The theme of the opening keynote at Oracle CloudWorld 2023 revolves around the idea of “Putting customer success at the heart of everything.” During this keynote session, Catz, as stated by Oracle, will be accompanied by leaders from forward-thinking companies. This means they’ll be discussing how to make customers happy and successful, and they’ve got some impressive folks joining in for the conversation.


Safra Catz with 5 Companies Execs:

At Oracle CloudWorld 2023, Catz, the Oracle executive, was joined by six company leaders who she admired for their ability to turn challenges into growth opportunities through technology. They are as follows


1. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

At Oracle CloudWorld 2023, Catz noted that Khosrowshahi sometimes drove for Uber himself. He stressed the value of understanding the customer’s viewpoint and learning to balance growth and profit, with Oracle Cloud playing a vital role in their successful transformation. Catz smiled, saying, “When I see an Uber, I feel we’re a part of that success.”


2. Lori Goltermann, Chief Client Officer & CEO, Enterprise Clients at AON.

Following the initial discussion, the conversation shifts towards AI. Goltermann stressed its industry-specific relevance and the challenge of bringing AI strategies to life, with success rates at just 35% for most companies and less than 5% for AI initiatives. AON, as per Goltermann, adopted a fast yet thoughtful approach, leveraging AI to make tasks that used to take weeks now happen in mere seconds.


3. David Markwell EVP & Chief Technology & Analytics Officer at Loblaw Companies Limited

Markwell shared Loblaw’s customer loyalty program and their commitment to sustainability. Catz highlighted Loblaw’s massive 180TB SAP database migration to Oracle Cloud. It was a six-year journey with careful selection to ensure a powerful and cost-effective cloud platform. Oracle proved to be a dedicated partner, and the migration had only 6 hours of downtime, now running smoothly for six months.


4. Leonardo de Carvalho Capdeville, Chief Technology Information Officer at TIM SA (Brazil)

The company, with 62 million customers, was pleased with its Oracle partnership and excited about the new collaboration with Microsoft at Oracle CloudWorld 2023. Catz noted Microsoft’s potential to meet their needs, which Capdeville found pleasantly surprising. Looking ahead, Capdeville is keen to make the business more data-driven, with Microsoft and Oracle crucial for achieving success.


5. Ram Krishnan, EVP & Chief Operating Officer of Emerson

At Oracle CloudWorld 2023, long-time Oracle partner Krishnan expressed contentment. With 30 years at Emerson in diverse roles, he stressed the importance of action. He eagerly discussed how technology boosts speed and resilience, emphasizing his role in translating vision into tangible outcomes and underscoring the significance of action beyond just having a vision.


6. Aaron Bly, CIO of First Solar

Bly talked about their eco-friendly solar panels and focus on technology. They’ve also leaned on Oracle for a successful transition to the cloud.

Bly also talked about using AI to streamline their manufacturing. He looked forward to Oracle’s AI updates. Catz shared her excitement about AI’s potential and customer success. As the keynote concluded, she urged embracing new tech and attending Larry Ellison’s session.


Ellison Speech at Oracle CloudWorld Tour 2023

Oracle CloudWorld 2023 is expected to unveil its vision for the future. Attendees eagerly anticipated Larry Ellison’s keynote address, known for its unpredictability. Ellison acknowledged the game-changing impact of Generative AI, like ChatGPT, and posed an intriguing question about AI’s role in shaping the future of creativity in Hollywood.

Larry Ellison, Oracle’s co-founder, explored how powerful generative AI can be for the future. He talked about the Autonomous Database, which is a game-changer due to its cost-efficiency and security.

In healthcare, Ellison discussed a continuous clinical trial using Cerner HealthIntent and how sensors and IoT can gather patient data. Data played a big role in Oracle’s efforts to improve healthcare.

He also focused on indoor farming, which saves land and water, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions using robotic greenhouses.

Ellison advocated for open cloud systems and a partnership with Microsoft to ensure open access to data. The Tokyo Stock Exchange relies on NRI Oracle Cloud, showing Oracle’s global impact.

These insights from Oracle CloudWorld 2023 offer a glimpse into the future of technology, healthcare, farming, and cloud collaboration.

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