Dwell Deep into Drop Zones – Extension to Classic Foundation Pages PeopleSoft PUM 34 Feature

For an introductory blog on Drop Zone, please refer to the below: https://www.kovaion.com/blog/peoplesoft-configurable-drop-zone/

Quick Catchup – Capability of Drop Zones in PeopleSoft

Released in PeopleTools 8.57, Peoplesoft Drop Zones allows users to add custom content such as editable or display only fields, links, buttons, or text without actually customizing the component. PeopleSoft has added Drop Zones to the top, middle, and bottom of some Fluid pages as per customer requirements. Drop Zones can be used to create records, Subpages, and other new objects into delivered pages.

Enhancements to Drop Zone in PUM 34 and PT 858

PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.58 and HCM PUM Image 34 has enhanced and extended the Drop Zone feature to Classic Setup pages as listed below.

  • Business Unit
  • Company
  • Department
  • Establishment
  • Job Code
  • Job Family
  • Pay Group
  • Location
  • Salary Grade
  • Salary Plan

Step-Wise detail on how to configure Drop Zones for Company Set Up Page:

  • Navigation: Main Menu > Set Up HCM > Foundation Tables > Organization > Company.
  • Select the company “ACC”
  • Delivered Company page on the PIA looks as below

Fig. 1: Default Company page on PIA

  • Application Designer View of the Company Page has a Subpage – “PT_ERCSUBPAGE_STUB”.


Fig. 2: Default Company page on App Designer

  • To cater to specific user requirement, create the subpage on App Designer.
  • For an example, a custom subpage (XX_PHONE_SBP) is created as displayed below.

Fig. 3: Custom Sub Page

  • To configure the Drop Zone (associate the custom-built subpage XX_PHONE_SBP to the Company Page) on PIA, navigate to Navigation: Main Menu > PeopleTools > Portal > Configure Drop Zone.
  • Search for the delivered component (COMPANY_TABLE)

Fig. 4: Drop Zone Configuration Search Page

  • Click on the search result component.
  • Add the custom created Subpage against the specific page name as indicated below and click Save

Fig. 5: Drop Zone Configuration Page

  • From the App Designer’s perspective, no specific changes have to be made. The configured Drop Zone for the company page gets assigned to this Subpage (“PT_ERCSUBPAGE_STUB”).
  • Drop Zone Configured Company page on the PIA will look as below with the custom built subpage.

Fig. 6: Drop Zone configured Company page on PIA


  • Flexible to add custom fields and other page elements on delivered pages.
  • Comparatively minimal time spent on customization.
  • User can enable/disable this feature as per the business requirement just by configuration.

Detroja Kishan
PeopleSoft Techno-Functional Consultant