Oracle Taleo-Accelerate your interview process with Evaluation Management and Microsoft Office 365

Oracle Taleo is a complete tool for recruitment process which helps in hiring the best Talent for the organization. It is an automated process which is highly suitable for both small- and large-scale organizations. Taleo has different modules such as recruitment, onboarding, social sourcing etc.

It can be easily connected with the recruiting processes to back end systems and third party solutions.

One of the major pain areas for a recruiter is to get the availability of the panel member’s offline. They are not aware about the schedules of the panel members in the organization.

To provide a solution to this, Oracle has improvised Taleo by providing integration with s Microsoft Office 365 and Mobile Responsive Questionnaires.

The interview tab in candidate page can integrate with the Microsoft office365 and Azure. So while creating an interview it shows the free & busy schedule of the interviewers based on their outlook calendar. The participants can be added using the Microsoft office365 directory and users can search the name of the interviewers and add them as participants. Once the date & time of the interview is given, scheduler can check the availability of the participants.

This integration helps the recruiters to check the participant’s availability before scheduling the interview and reduces the process of rescheduling/canceling the interview.

Business Benefits:

  • The calendar owner’s unavailability can be checked through the calendar dashboard which highlights the participant’s busy and free schedule, which helps the users to schedule the interviews accordingly.
  • Interview reminders can be sent for calendar owners for the scheduled interviews
  • Reduces the manual work of getting the participants availability as they can view in the system itself.
  • Simplified approach to multiple hiring activities with simpler and easy interview process.
  • Advanced UI with a dashboard view of the participant’s availability.
  • Quick filters are available to search for the participants.

Follow the below steps to start interview scheduling process.


  • Once the office 365 setup in place with Evaluation management, start the interview Scheduling process.

1. Creating Interview:

  • Click on Create interview in the candidate interview page.

Figure 1: Creating Interview

  • Select the type of interview.

Figure 2: Type of Interview

2. Adding Participant:

  • Click on Add Participants.

Figure 3: Add Participant

  • It shows the list of users in the participants list. The participants names will appear from the Azure Active Directory

Figure 4: Selecting the participants

3. Check Availability

  • After selecting the participants, select the date & time of the interview and then click on Check Availability button. Now the graph will show the busy & free time of the participants based on their outlook calendar.

Figure 5: Checking Availability

4. Interview Invitation

  • After Scheduling the interview, the participants get the interview invitation mail to their outlook. It contains the Interview details & interview acceptance URL.

Figure 6: Email Notification

  • Interview URL takes to the Response page. In that page, the participant can send their response.

    Figure 7: Interview Response Page

5. Adding to outlook calendar

  • If the participants click on Accept option, their response will be saved in the interview tab and then they will get another mail which contains the “Confirmation.ics” file which will help the participants to add the interview to their calendar.

Figure 8: Adding interview to the calendar

  • After adding, the interview details are saved in their outlook calendar.

Figure 9: After saving the interview in the calendar

6. Submitting Feedback form

  • It also contains the feedback form for that interview.

Figure 10: Email Notification for Feedback Form

  • After the completion of the interview the participants should fill and submit the feedback form.

Figure 11: Feedback Form


  • The participants have to manually add the interview to their calendar.
  • Displays only 15 users by default in the participants tab.
  • If the user is not in the participants list, the Recruiter needs to manually search for the user.
  • The participants cannot edit the feedback forms once submitted.

Authored by,
Pooja M Ramesh
Taleo Consultant
Kovaion Consulting