In Oracle Fusion HCM, geography data accurately depicts physical locations such as countries, states/provinces, cities, postal codes, and addresses within the HCM application. Managing geography data is a crucial component of HR data management, which influences vital functions including payroll processing, benefits administration, tax reporting, and regulatory compliance.


For Loqate Supported Countries:

  • Oracle supports licensed geographic data from Loqate Reference data for certain countries. As of the latest update, it now supports 82 countries. To import licensed geographic data, please follow the steps mentioned below.
  • Navigation: Setup and Maintenance –> Manage Geographies –> Search for the country–> Click on the action menu and select the import geography data –> Click on OK



Fig.1: Manage Geographies Page


  • Once the user selects the Import Geography Data option a warning message will pop up as shown in the below image.



Fig.2: Warning Pop-Up


  • Click on OK.



Fig.3: Confirmation Pop-up


For Non-Loqate Countries:

  • If HR wants to input data for not listed countries, there is currently no data in the field dropdown. This will be manual work for HR. To avoid this manual updation of data users can follow the approach below.
  • Oracle has the option to import all the data at once using Import Management. This eliminates the need for manual entry and simplifies the process. The process steps are demonstrated below.


Importing Data for Non-Loqate Countries:

  • To import the data, it is necessary to create the structure of the country. To do so, kindly refer to the navigation provided below.
  • Navigation: Setup and Maintenance ->  Manage Geographies ->  Search for the country -> Structure Defined



Fig.4: Structure Defined Selection


  • On the structure-defined page, you will come across two options. The first option is “Create,” which allows you to construct the structure from the ground up. The second option is “Structure from Available Countries” where you can replicate the structure of existing countries from the dropdown menu.



Fig.5: Create & Structure From Available Countries Options



Fig.6: Geography Structure


  • After creating the country’s structure, you can input the data for the country using the hierarchy you have established. A sample file is mentioned for reference below.
  • Following the above pointer to import the data, perform the below actions. 
  • Navigation: Login in as administrator -> Go to Tools -> Import Management -> Import Queue



Fig.7: Import Management


  • Select the Create Import Activity option, which was highlighted in the below screenshot, and make sure the imported data is in CSV file format. 



Fig.8: Selection of Create Import Activity


  • Provide the necessary details the Name, select the object as Geography, and update the File that users want to load. 

Fig.9: File Uploading page


  • Click on Next and then submit the process. Post submitting the process will navigate to the Import Status page as showcased below. 



Fig.10: Import Status Page



Fig.11: Load Completed Status


  • Upon completion of the Load, the user can navigate to the same page and view the data loaded for the respective country. 



Fig.12: Reviewing the Loaded Data


  • The attached file gives lists of additional fields based on the requirement while loading the data. 


Business Benefits:

  • It is an Add-on privilege for the business to add the geography data for the Non-loqate countries.
  • Helps the business avoid the manual updation of Geography data.
  • Loading the data for the required countries will help to auto-populate the specific values while selecting the respective country in the fusion system.



In conclusion, effectively managing geography data within Oracle Fusion HCM, whether using Loqate-supported countries or manually entering data for non-Loqate countries, significantly enhances HR functions by ensuring accurate and compliant geographical information. The integration of licensed Loqate data for 82 countries streamlines processes like payroll, tax reporting, and benefits administration. Meanwhile, the Import Management tool simplifies the incorporation of data for countries not covered by Loqate, preventing manual errors and saving valuable HR time. Adopting these methods not only improves operational efficiency but also bolsters compliance with global regulatory standards, making it a strategic necessity for businesses operating in multiple countries.




1. What is geography data in Oracle Fusion HCM?

Geography data refers to the accurate representation of physical locations within the HCM system, including countries, states/provinces, cities, postal codes, and addresses. This data plays a critical role in HR processes like payroll, benefits administration, tax reporting, and regulatory compliance.


 2. What if my country isn’t supported by Loqate?

For countries not on the Loqate list, manual entry through dropdown menus is currently unavailable. However, you can leverage the Import Management tool to import your data in bulk, eliminating manual work.


3. How can I import geography data for Loqate-supported countries?

Oracle offers licensed geographic data from Loqate for 82 countries (as of the latest update). You can import this data by navigating to Setup and Maintenance > Manage Geographies, searching for the country, selecting Import Geography Data from the Actions menu, and confirming the import through the pop-up windows.


Author: Haritha Gandam, Oracle Fusion HCM Techno-Functional Consultant

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