HR Business Partner Feature and Enhancements

HR Business Partners is a highly specialized role who work closely with the Organization’s management to support Company’s vision and mission. They have a strategic role to attract and retain the best talent in the Organization. Their key responsibility among others are to gauge employee morale and introduce new benefits to the employees.

Initially introduced in PeopleSoft PUM image 31, the HRBP feature gives a capability to define HR Business Partners for groups of employees. These HRBPs could be defined as generalists or specialists like Payroll BPs, Benefits BPs, T&L BPs etc.

HRBPs can:

  1. Review Employees’ Information
  2. Perform Actions (like Salary Revision, location change)
  3. Approve Transactions

In Later versions of PeopleSoft HCM Image, this functionality has been further enhanced for the employees to view their business partners’ contact information using Company Directory and employee onboarding dashboard.

Business Partner Homepage

Business Partner Teams Tile:

  • View the teams and employee assigned to them
  • Perform actions based on responsibilities and permissions

Manage Business Partners Tile:

Group Build

  • Group Build is used to create Business Partner teams
  • Uses Simple / Complicated criteria to build the HRBP teams. For Eg: Job Code/Location/etc.
  • Exceptions can also be defined to exclude certain criteria
  • Security for the Groups have to be defined separately
  • Group Membership Report allows the BPs to view the team members

Matrix Types

BP Types and teams are created within this section

  • Configuration of tasks that HRBPs are expected to perform are defined here
  • Used to align the BP team details, owner, hierarchical details (definition of BP team with Group Id)

Partner Configuration:

  • Facilitates the configuration of BP Types, Alternate Contacts
  • Associates overlapping with more than one BP can be identified and data can be accordingly modified/corrected to reflect one BP

Employee’s view of Business Partner Information

Employees can view the HRBP information through the Personal Details Tile/Onboarding Dashboard-

All Business Partner information pertinent to the employee (HR/Benefits/etc..) can be viewed from the “Business Partners” tile. It is at the configuration level to decide what information of the Business Partner has to be displayed to the employees.

For more detailed configuration information, please view –

Abhishek Godre
PeopleSoft Techno-Functional Consultant