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Oracle ERP Modules

Know the power behind Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud holds myriad modules that enable the business to operate at extreme performance. As it has advanced capabilities, like automating the manual process, real-time analytics, and automatic updates to stay on the current trend, people can gain a competitive advantage in it.

Oracle Cloud Financial

With multiple features like Accounting hub, Payables & Assets, Receivables, Expense management, U.S. Federal Financials, Reporting and analytics, Revenue management, Collections, and Joint venture management, Oracle financials provides a complete solution for all your real-time financial processes.

  • This module includes both centrally overseen financials and schemas which assist organizations in taking rapid and analytical business decisions.
  • Real-time financial process management.
  • Complete risk management by encrypting the data and protocol layers
  • The Oracle financial module holds sufficient insights to develop business models.
  • With effective configurable systems and dashboards, the Oracle Cloud Financial Module facilitates data-driven decision-making. It will result in resource exposure reduction for better returns and security.

With effective configurable systems and dashboards, the Oracle Cloud Financial Module facilitates data-driven decision-making. It will result in resource exposure reduction for better returns and security.

Oracle Project Management

The Oracle Project Management enables you to plan and track all the business projects with the features – Plan, schedule & forecast, Resource Management, Billing and revenue management, Project asset management, Cost management & control, and Grant management.

Enhance project management with the Oracle Project management module. This module will make simplified scheduling, effortless collaborations, and immediate responsiveness.

  • The project manager can stay updated on upcoming tasks and the situation of the process.
  • Make the right business decision at right time with smarter insights.
  • Experience transparent working with simple task integration.
  • Oracle Project Portfolio Management (PPM) will offer easy access for managers, on any device and at any time.

Oracle Procurement

With multiple modules, provided by oracle procurements like Procure-to-Pay, Sourcing, Business Network, Supplier management, and Contracts, businesses can streamline and integrate with any organization Source-to-pay with the best user experience

Experience the advanced procurement management system with Oracle Procurement Cloud. With this module, organizations can simplify the problems related to procurements. Simply automate the procurement data and save your business time by focusing on other prioritized tasks. Kovaion’s Oracle Procurement solutions will assist the business to improve vendors and raise operational efficiency and the customer experience.

  • With the interactive dashboard, streamline the requisitions, reduce the procurement cost and generate real-time vendor reports
  • With the simplified procurement choose the “Process Gaps”
  • Make a suitable business strategy with effective reports.

Oracle Risk Management and Compliance

Oracle Risk Management and Compliance AI and ML-enabled toolset help you proactively manage your organization’s financial controls and protect against emerging risks.

This module offers direct management of audit, security, and compliance activities. Oracle Risk Management and Compliance Solution contains an option called role-based access and can observe user activities.

  • With suitable security protocols, the organization’s data remains safe and secure at all costs
  • Complete risk management by encrypting the data and protocol layers
  • Oracle Risk Management and Compliance take all the regulatory and legal compliance needs into account.

With the proper framework, the Oracle ERP Cloud reduces the risks and offers a better customer experience.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

With Oracle’s EPM features like Planning, Account reconciliation, Tax reporting, Enterprise data management, Profitability & cost management, Financial consolidation & close, and Narrative reporting, an organization can plan across finance, supply chain, HR, and sales.

It is more obvious that Oracle ERP Cloud is the best solution for planning and handling resources. The Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) can integrate with any Oracle ERP software. With the Oracle EPM cloud, a business can make the right decision as per the streamlined finance, supply chain, HR, and sales data.

  • System maintenance and management cost reduction
  • Organizations can find the borderline between profit makers and breakers with the “Insightful Vision”

Oracle Supply Chain Management

With the Oracle SCM features such as Supply chain planning, Manufacturing, Order management, Product lifecycle management, IoT & blockchain, Inventory, Maintenance, Logistics, and Procurement, link the supply network and integrated suite of cloud business applications designed effectively.

Supply chains are made by forms, for a delightful customer experience. With the Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud, the business can improve the clarity among finance and operations that is connected to supply chain management.

  • With the exact demand forecasting on Oracle SCM cloud, make the latest product launch, low-volume requirements, and so on easy.
  • Balancing both supply and demand made it effective.
  • Securely deploy the latest services.

Oracle ERP Analytics

With KPI management, Prebuilt analytic models, Business content areas, Augmented analytics, Enterprise architecture & security, and so on, Oracle ERP Analytics will complement the embedded analytics to offer predictive analysis and more advantages.

This module assists the organization in better business decisions to reach the objective. It simplifies the Human Resource (HR), Finance, Sales, and Supply Chains to help cross-domain insights.

  • Oracle ERP analytics holds pre-built analytics charts and KPIs to supervise the respective business performance in real-time.
  • With AI-powered analytics, raise the business ROI and the data value.
  • Notifications on the right time for planning and time management
It’s time to implement Oracle ERP Cloud

Why Oracle ERP Cloud Technology?

Oracle ERP Cloud is ranked #1 in Cloud ERP tools. It is the future of business today with end-to-end, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) driven progressive and complete solutions to all finance-related functions and operations.

With Oracle ERP Cloud technology, ongoing accounting, finance, and management processes can be automated. So, businesses can focus on improved productivity with reduced costs and errors. Manage all your crucial business systems and make the right business decision with a single Oracle Cloud technology.

Oracle Cloud ERP is named a Leader for half a decade! Also, do you know that for the fifth successive year, Gartner called Oracle Cloud ERP a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for all Midsize to Global Enterprises?

Oracle ERP Cloud suite provides end-to-end solutions for core business areas like – Accounting, Financial Planning & Closure, Revenue Recognition, Risk Management, Project Accounting, and Billing, Procurement, Inventory, etc. Oracle’s complete cloud application suite allows businesses of all sizes to connect their companywide operations anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Thinking about a Move to the ERP Cloud?

Reach us to help you with the Cloud Readiness Assessment. We are happy to assess, assimilate & engage with you for Oracle ERP Cloud services. And our EXPERTS are ready to give a solution to all your queries.

Questions you Might Get


  • What is Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud?

    Driven by advanced features like AI, Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is an end-to-end, cloud ERP suite that helps customers automate mundane, routine tasks, assess analytics to take informed and critical decisions, and ensure that the customers stay current.

  • How does the Oracle ERP Cloud assist your business?

    The Oracle ERP Cloud technology was developed using modern technologies like ML, intelligent automation, etc. This allows the business to innovate constantly while remaining agile.

  • Mention the major challenge faced by firms, while implementing Oracle ERP cloud.

    It includes, either underestimating or overestimating the modification in process, overseeing the migration risks, and sometimes the absence of a backup resource. To avoid these major issues, join hands with us. As the Oracle ERP Cloud Partners, we are ready to assist you with Zero Cost.