HCM Kibana, Fluid Benefits WorkCenter, HR Notifications, PeopleTools 8.58 Visual Style Updates, Self-Service Navigation Updates, Query Masking Enhancement, Person Global Search, Fluid Timesheet, Drop Zones are some of the key features in HCM PUM 34. In this blog, we have explained the new features and its impact.

Kibana Visualizations for HCM:

Rich Intuitive analytics, introduced in PT857, for the technical system administrators, Kibana Analytics and Visualizations were released for administrators and key decision makers in PeopleTools 858.

Further in PeopleSoft PUM 34, new Kibana dashboards have been delivered for improved analytics and visualizations for HR and Recruiting. Kibana uses elastic search for providing the graphical reports in the form of charts, maps and tables. This enables key decision makers to analyse huge amount of data and infer from them.

Kibana for HR Team:

From the “Workforce Insight” dashboard, administrators/key decision makers can view an enhanced visual of employee diversity and compensation via the “Workforce Equity” Kibana analytics.

Fig 1: Workforce Equity Tile for HR Kibana Visualizations

Navigation > Workforce Administrator > Workforce Insight > Workforce Equity

Multitude of charts and graphs like Ethnic group analytics, gender diversity and count, compensation ratios, global heat map have been released as part of the Workforce Insight (Kibana visualization enhancements). Data can also be viewed in a GRID format and filters can be added/removed with ease on moving over field values.

Clicking an item on the visualization and viewing details also enables to add a filter to the top of the page. Kibana dynamically uses this filter and updates all visualizations/charts to reflect this filter, thereby filters to the table data, tag cloud, charts, tables can be deleted and applied with ease. Clicking on the filter on the top of the page gives more capabilities as in Edit Filter, Temporarily disable, Exclude results, etc..

Kibana for Recuriters:

From the “Recruiters” homepage, clicking on “Application Details” chart or “Recruiting Insight” tile, recruiters can access Kibana visualizations about job applications. Numerous catchy visualizations have been delivered for the recruiters.

Navigation > Recruiters > Recruiting Insight

The global heat map shows the topographical spread of the applicants. Clicking on each state will filter the visualizations for that state only. Rest of the charts and graphs also dynamically change based on the users’ selection/filter.

Kibana Visualization for “Application – Competencies and Skills” is a tag cloud that displays the most prominent skills in the Job application. Clicking on any competency will filter all the visualizations based on that competence. There is a seamless connect between the Kibana Visualization and the PeopleSoft pages, wherein clicking on any applicant from the displayed “Applicant” table will navigate to the “Manage Applicant” page.

Fig 2: Application –Competencies/Skills TKibana Visualizations Tag Cloud

Calendar is an additional tool shown on the top of the page, that the user can use to give the date ranges for the analytics.

Fig 3: Calendar – Date Filter options for Kibana Visualizations

Fluid Benefits WorkCenter:

This new feature – Fluid Benefits WorkCenter leverages the existing workcenter framework to provide real time information and easy navigation. It is a one-stop-shop for reports and queries. This work center can be configured for Benefits Administrator, Benefits Specialist and ACA Specialist. The delivered one can be used or custom ones can be created based on the need.

Navigation > Workforce Administrator > Benefits WorkCenter

The left panel of the Benefits Workcenter contains groups of delivered definitions and links, namely

My Work

  • Contains collapsible sections of Audit, Enrolment and ACA exceptions


  • Contains a consolidation of key components of Benefits – Employee/Dependent Info, Enrol in Benefits, Enrolment Administration etc.
  • Easy navigation to various components


  • Access to Query Manager
  • Has collapsible sections for ACA and Health Benefits


  • Provides access to Run Control Pages for existing Benefits reports

Based on the requirement, more pages can be added to the group boxes for ease of navigation and access.

HR Notifications Enhancement:

To improve the user experience, PeopleSoft PUM Image 34 has delivered few enhancements to the HR Notifications enhancements. Some of the key ones are listed:

  • Users Enhancements
  • Enter a sender email address
  • Specify a priority for the email
  • Preview the recipient list
  • Simplify the recipient setup
  • In addition, some of the key enrichments done for an Administrator are:
  • View summary of emails sent
  • View, Edit/Delete any notification created by any user

Through the Installation Settings page, access can be provided to those roles, who can have a Read Only or Read/Update Access to the notifications irrespective of who created them.

If a user has the relevant role, they can view or view/update ALL notifications, whereas if the user doesn’t have that role, they can manage only their notifications.

PT 8.58 Visual Style Updates:

PeopleSoft PUM Image 34 is the first image delivered on PeopleTools 8.58. A new contemporary look to the PeopleSoft screen was delivered as part of PT 8.58.

PT 8.58 and PUM Image 34 has delivered updated modern-day UI to the end users with branding elements and stylesheet changes. Fluid and Classic + Pages have a renewed look to them across the application. The changes in the look and feel starts from the sign-in page, going along the Fluid homepages, Fluid components & pages, activity guides and classic+ components, Modal windows and dialog boxes launched from Fluid applications. There has been a thorough shift in the branding elements and stylesheets to incorporate the display changes in the colors, headers, icons, menu, banner and buttons.

For more details on what PT 8.58 offers, please refer to the blog: https://www.kovaion.com/blog/peopletools-8-58-highlights/

Self Service Navigation Updates:

PeopleSoft HCM PUM Image 34 provides another navigation option (via dashboards and tiles) in addition to Navigation Collections for:

  • Personal Details
  • Benefit Details
  • Payroll (US and Can)
  • Global Payroll

Dashboards and Tiles ease navigation and also show live data for the corresponding tiles, which can be reviewed for further action. Dashboards can be personalized (to add and remove tiles from the dashboard), based on the end user’s need.

Below given is Personal Details Tile Nav Collection and Dashboard.

Fig 4: Personal Details Tile > Navigation Collection

Fig 5: Personal Details Dashboard

Query Masking Enhancement:

To ensure data protection and security, PeopleSoft PUM 34 supports the masking of sensitive fields in queries. Using Query Masking, security roles can be assigned to specific users to access sensitive data. New configuration has been made available to configure masking fields and assign security roles.

Using Page and Field Configurator, PeopleSoft also provides a capability to mask Prompt (search) fields. Only authorized users can view the field data without masking.

Person Global Search:

PeopleSoft HCM Image 34 has delivered Global search on Person data based on elastic search. This search supports both free text search and Wildcard search.

Related Actions have also been made available from the search results.

Fluid Timesheet/Time Details display:

PeopleSoft HCM Image 34 delivers viewing capability of time details on timesheet for employees, managers and administrators. This is facilitated by checking the relevant check box on “Time and Labor Installation” page. The timesheet automatically shows “Task Group”, “Project Id”, “Activity Id” details on the TS page.

Drop Zones on Classic Foundation Pages in HR:

PeopleSoft HCM PUM Image 34 enhances and extends the Drop Zone feature to Classic Setup pages listed below –

  • Business Unit
  • Company
  • Department
  • Establishment
  • Job Code
  • Job Family
  • Pay Group
  • Location
  • Salary Grade
  • Salary Plan

Global Payroll for Brazil:

This feature updates the method and tax rates used to calculate employee-paid social security (INSS) contribution as a result of pension reform. Social Security Tax is a progressive tax for employees in Brazil.

Form I-9 2020 Updates for USA:

Form I-9 has been updated in PeopleSoft PUM 34 to support form changes published by USCIS with the expiration date on the top of the form.

Eileen Franklin
Prasanna Krishnan
PeopleSoft Team, Kovaion Consulting

References: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4pP8tXQcbY