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Why Kovaion's Whatsapp Business Marketing Tool?

Kovaion is one of the suitable bulk business WhatsApp marketing platforms for small to enterprise businesses. Here are some of the major reasons to use Kovaion’s bulk WhatsApp business marketing software.

  • Create intuitive templates
  • Send bulk broadcast messages
  • Better engagement
  • Effortless CTA with buttons
  • Compact and single-screen campaign activity
  • Boosts your business productivity
  • Improves your WhatsApp business engagement
    Hassle-free marketing and promotion
Industry-Specific WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing Platform For All

Elevate your marketing endeavors using our specialized WhatsApp marketing platform integrated with the potent WhatsApp Business API for a tailored industry-focused approach. Just connect with your audience seamlessly using our WhatsApp communication platform. Elevate your WhatsApp marketing with our tailor-made solution, designed to meet your industry’s unique needs.

WhatsApp Marketing Performance Metrics

Track your Analytics

Experience the power of actionable WhatsApp campaign analytics by capturing – sent, delivered, read, and replied metrics. Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions for a successful WhatsApp campaign.

Reach Customers at Right Time

Schedule & Broadcast Your Messages

Bulk WhatsApp marketing software is the right tool to engage with those who have a large of customers or employees. Broadcast your WhatsApp message at the right time for all your target audience. With Kovaion’s bulk WhatsApp Marketing Platform, seamlessly schedule your broadcasting messages to all your audience lists. So, it’s time to amplify all your sales effortlessly!

Personalized Workflow

Robust Chatbot Builder

Kovaion’s WhatsApp Marketing Platform offers a powerful chatbot builder that enables users to create personalized conversation workflows. With this user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, users can define conversation paths, set up automated responses, and integrate rich media content seamlessly without manual intervention.

Versatile Media Format Assistance

Support Multimedia Formats

Individuals can share multimedia in different formats in their WhatsApp marketing platform to engage with their respective audiences which might be, either employees or customers.

Request for a Demo

We are here to assist your business! Connect with us, our experts are happy to drive a free demo on our Kovaion's Intelligent WhatsApp Communication Platform

Questions you Might Get


  • How can WhatsApp marketing software help in customer engagement?

    WhatsApp marketing software offers features like automated responses, drip campaigns, and personalized messages. By segmenting your audience and sending relevant content, you can provide value to customers without overwhelming them. Additionally, using opt-in mechanisms ensures that only interested users receive your messages, enhancing the non-intrusive nature of your marketing efforts.

  • What’s the effect of WhatsApp marketing on SMS marketing?

    WhatsApp open rates tend to be 98% and their click-through rates are 45-60%, which is 5 times greater than email and SMS. Utilizing the WhatsApp marketing platform, the business can engage with its target audience effortlessly. Businesses or HR, or the person who engages customers via WhatsApp in bulk can use Kovaion’s WhatsApp Business Intelligence Platform.

  • What kind of messages I can send on Kovaion’s WhatApp marketing platform?

    Rich Text Messages holding videos and images can be shared seamlessly to reach the respective audience!

  • Is bulk WhatsApp legal?

    If you are utilizing the WhatsApp Business API through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), employing a WhatsApp Bulk Sender is entirely permissible within the bounds of the law. This is due to the fact that BSPs are obligated to ensure that their clients stick to specific and stringent regulations.

  • Does this platform enable you to send unlimited WhatsApp messages?

    If you’re a user who doesn’t share any spam content with all your audience, based on your level you will reach the unlimited messaging option! Connect with us to know more about the platform.