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Employee Attrition Analysis Dashboard

Employees are assets, who add value to an organization. The productivity, morale, and profitability of the organization may all be significantly impacted by employee attrition. The first step in reducing turnover and attrition rates is to identify the root cause of the problem.

The employee attrition analysis dashboard provides a thorough picture of the workforce as well as the most important top-level KPIs, including headcount, hires, and terminations, breaking down by important parameters.

This employee attrition analysis dashboard solution is intended to make it simple for HR managers to keep tabs on workforce indicators, increased employee productivity and retention as well as a marked decrease in hiring costs. An assortment of typical employee reaction scenarios is included in this solution.


Employee Engagement using WhatsApp Communication

Employees will be grouped based on the analysis dashboard and the HR manager can create a specific engagement communication for the employees. Using the WhatsApp communication platform, personalized messages can be sent to the impacted employees and their morale can be improved. WhatsApp communication can be used to create high-quality images, videos, and text messages. That will directly engage the employees.


Our Focus in this webinar?

  • To provide an overview of the new hire and offboarding stats of the organization
  • To slice and dice the data based on diverse metrics such as employees’ work experience, work location, assigned supervisor, etc.
  • To observe the trend of attrition year over year in the organization
  • To have a sneak peek into the employee count at the beginning and the end of the year within the company
  • How to Engage the employees better
  • How to motivate them to do better?


Business Benefits of the Webinar

Employee Attrition Analysis Dashboard allows the HR department to

  • Identify the key aspects of the organization by keeping track of the workforce metric
  • Monitor reports and analyze vital problems in a powerful and straightforward way
  • Focus on driving enhancements without losing any potential assets of the organization.
  • Enhance business growth by keeping a check on the relevant trends of employees
  • Access insights from real-time data through any device and from any location
  • Make decisions to establish a better workplace ambiance and expand employee productivity.
  • Engage the employees better


Date: 21st Feb 2023 

Time: 3:30 PM IST

Duration: 30 Minutes 

Speaker: NandhaKumar – AVP R&D, Sriram Ranganathan – Senior Manager, Data Analytics & AI/ML

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