Explore Jobs on Oracle Maps with Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) 23D Release



Oracle Fusion HCM 23D introduces an exciting new feature called Oracle Maps, designed to enhance the job exploration experience for users. This blog post will walk you through the process of configuring and utilizing Oracle Maps to explore jobs effectively. With Oracle Maps, professionals can view job openings and related details based on location, making it easier to discover positions matching their expertise and preferences. Industries benefiting most might include retail, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and hospitality where workforce distribution plays a crucial role in operations.


Explore Jobs Using Oracle Maps

Candidates possess the flexibility to search for jobs using either a list-oriented perspective or by visually inspecting job locations through Oracle Maps. Initially, job search findings are exhibited in a sequential layout. Nonetheless, you can activate a configuration option that permits candidates to alternate conveniently between both presentational modes.


Fig.1: New Toggle


Initial presentation and job listings are displayed in a sequential format. Upon selecting the location icon, viewers can transition from the list view to the map view.


In the map view, two types of icons are used:

  • Pin Icon: Indicates a solitary location offering one or more job opportunities.
  • Circle Icon: Represents a collection of closely situated job locations appearing as a cluster. Clicking on this icon causes the map view to zoom in and expose individual job placements within the vicinity.

Fig.2: Map View


This “Pin Icon” offers users a quick and efficient way to access detailed job descriptions and immediately initiate their applications. By clicking on it, candidates are presented with an informative window showcasing the specifics of the position they’re interested in, along with direct Apply Now options.



Fig.3: Job Description


For added ease, users have the choice to copy the specified job location address displayed alongside the listing. Once copied, paste this information into your preferred web browser’s search bar. This simple step allows the users to discover any further available data related to the exact job site, enhancing the understanding of potential opportunities and surrounding areas.



Fig.4: Copy to Clipboard



Steps to enable the Feature:


To enable this feature:

  • Navigate to Setup and Maintenance search – Career Sites Configuration and click to open.

Fig.5: Search Bar


  •  Click the action icon next to a career site, and select Edit.

Fig.6: Career Sites Configuration


  • On the General tab, scroll down and expand the Search Jobs on Map section and enable it.
General – Searc-job

Fig.7: General – Search job


Benefits for Candidates:

  • Candidates can quickly browse available positions in their preferred locations, increasing the likelihood of finding suitable matches and reducing time spent searching.
  • Visual representations of job locations offer a more enjoyable browsing experience compared to conventional lists, potentially attracting, and retaining the candidate’s interest.
  • With the option to apply directly from the map view, candidates encounter less friction when submitting their applications.
  • Users gain a comprehensive understanding of the job market in specific areas, helping them gauge concentration and competition around certain positions.


Benefits for Recruiters:

  • Showcasing job opportunities on a map increases visibility, drawing in local talents who might otherwise overlook list-based job boards.
  • Recruiters can allocate resources strategically, targeting high-demand areas or underserved markets efficiently.
  • Providing candidates with a modern and engaging tool enhances brand perception, contributing positively to the overall recruitment cycle.


Important tips & Recommendations:

Should your business currently utilize Google Maps or Bing Maps for job searches within the Candidate Experience platform, please note that transitioning to Oracle Maps with 23D integration will replace these earlier mapping tools.

At present, enabling the ‘Maps for Job Search’ functionality requires deliberate activation on your part. However, beginning with release 24A, such capabilities will automatically become active for all users by default. Prepare yourself for this forthcoming enhancement and leverage its advantages throughout your ongoing job search activities.



Oracle’s introduction of Oracle Maps in the 23D release of Fusion HCM brings a revolutionary approach to job exploration. With the ability to visually explore job locations and seamlessly transition between list and map views, both candidates and recruiters stand to benefit significantly. Candidates gain enhanced visibility into job opportunities, reducing search time and friction in the application process, while recruiters can strategically target talent pools and improve brand perception. As organizations prepare for the automatic activation of Maps for Job Search in future releases, now is the time to embrace this innovative feature and unlock its full potential for enhancing recruitment efforts.


Author: Rishabh Kumar Bhardwaj, Junior Oracle HCM Cloud Consultant

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