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Talent Acquisition Web Application

A web application for HR Managers to keep them forefront of existing people management strategies. Kovaion Consulting has packed the entire HR life cycle with a single HR Management Web Application.

Simplified HR process

What do we deliver?

Get the advanced HRMS application in a compact version to streamline the HR process! Streamline the HR process with our compact HRMS application. It is a powerful tool that makes HR recruitment process easier.

HR Administration

Whether the HR admin is an expert or a beginner, our HR administration module was developed just for you people! The HR admin can manage the HRIS (Human Resource Information System) with ease with the help of our HRMS web application.


Our HRMS web application ensures you can seamlessly update the candidates with whom you want to schedule an interview. It is especially helpful when the employee has more than one job listing in your system. Make it easy for the candidates to get in touch with the appropriate people based on their job requirements with our HRMS web application.


Got a lot of requisitions with no decision? Stop wasting your time managing every decision individually. Let us automate and streamline your workflows to give you the revenue, commitment & productivity you need. With our evergreen requisition process, you can effectively accelerate the development of your pipeline and increase sales productivity.

Recruitment (ATS)

Recruiting is a fast-paced, high-pressured task. Building a flawless culture with the right application or tool matters, whether the recruiting team is made of one or more than one. You need to be able to efficiently and pleasantly meet the needs of your candidates while maintaining a clear vision for your company and its future. We made your recruitment process effortless.

Reporting & Analytics in an interactive dashboard

Review and analyze where the candidates are and at what stage they were (i.e, the interview level). With the help of our HRM report, the HR recruiting team can make the right decision, whether to extend or block the recruitment process. Kovaion Consultings HRMS web application will give a better understanding of the process with the help of the reports.

Make decisions smarter

Better Decision Making

HRMS is an application that provides a platform for companies to manage the human resource department. It helps the firm in identifying the employee’s performance and aptitude during each stage of their career, thereby making an effective decision on retaining or developing them further.

Define the role of users

User Role Management

Our HR Recruiting web app provides easy and intuitive user role management features to keep your business secure. Our application helps you to maintain the user roles and users in an easy way by adding users, removing the user from a certain role, assigning permissions to the user, and making sure that the same permissions should not be assigned to the same user again, etc.

Record Management

Candidates History Maintenance

With our HR recruitment web-based application, the admin can manage every candidate’s history effortlessly. The history includes – the interviewer at each stage, the candidate’s performance, their onboarding, and so on. With this history, HR can reorder the candidates for future recruitment reference.

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Questions you might have


  • What is a Web-based human resource management system?

    A web-based human resource (HR) management system is an application that enables organizations to manage various functions. Some of the functions are employee compensation and benefits, management organization and oversight, recruiting and talent acquisition management, learning & development, and other HRM tasks.

  • What are some benefits of web-based HRMS applications?

    Web-based HRMS applications are cost-efficient and easy to use. The benefits of web-based HRMS applications include,

    Being able to access secure HR data from any location using any device.
    Making the Recruitment process simple and effective
    Help employees find their perfect match,
    Save time when completing forms and benefits enrolment,
    Eliminate paper records and duplicate data,
    Streamline the hiring process,
    Enable greater employee communication and reduce administrative costs.