Why Kovaion for AI & ML Solution?

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Being in the midst of complex data explorations & large-scale data transformations all these years, Kovaion has the ability to easily learn from the insights and trends on the historical data. This skillset combined with the statistical expertise of the AI & ML team enables Kovaion to deploy various algorithms & techniques delivering highly precise Models.

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What do we offer?

Data Preprocessing

In Machine Learning, data preprocessing is the most critical and important step where most of the time is needed to be spent in preparing the data for learning. This step caters to connecting to different data sources (structured and unstructured), cleansing the data and imputing the data, treating outliers, encoding categorical variables, performing exploratory data analysis to find the distribution patterns, normalizing the data, and then splitting it into train & test datasets. Kovaion’s vast experience in handling data comes in handy for us to take care of this step with ease, both on-premise as well as on the cloud.

Experience the digitalization

Train, Test & Build Models

Kovaion’s vibrant young team having a blend of Mathematics, Statistics & Software programming experts help us to take over this step on training, testing, and building models based on the data we get after preprocessing. The team having been exposed to various algorithms on Supervised & Unsupervised learning techniques are adept at building and tuning the models to perfection.

Machine Learning

We’re working with powerful supervised/unsupervised algorithms to automate the process, raise the operational speed, reduce human process, error reduction, low cost, boost reliability and assured timeline. We have listed the major ML services we offer,

  • Regression
  • Classification
  • Time Series forecasting
  • Unsupervised learning techniques (Exploratory Data Analysis, Clustering)

Deep Learning

Deep learning is one step ahead of Machine-Learning with more sophisticated, automated, and advanced versions. With the help of Deep Learning AI technology, businesses can raise forecasting performance, better business decision-making, and other important operations. Kovaion Consulting uses Deep Learning best practices to create robust and scalable solutions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Kovaion Consulting offers satisfied Natural Language Processing Services with the right AI tools! With our service and solution, businesses can pull, process, examine and learn the structured data to carry the insightful data from it. Natural Language Processing (NLP) can assist businesses in Chatbot training, Business Intelligence, analytics, and so on. Below are the major services we offer under NLP.

  • Chatbot
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Document Keyword extraction

Computer Vision

We provide customized image and video analysis tools for machine vision and computer vision systems. We use the best technologies to create a new algorithm or to optimize the existing algorithm as per the mathematical models.

We implement “Extracting text from images using OCR” in AI & ML Computer Vision.

Chatbot Development

Kovaion consulting builds the Chatbots in an interactive way by utilizing Machine Learning (ML), speech recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), automation, and text analytics. Influence our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services to create personalized Chatbots and deploy them by using the right framework which fits your business needs. Additionally, we can also offer you services such as Data-driven & predictive Chatbots and Task-oriented Chatbots based on your needs.

Power-packed Deployment

Model Deployment

The deployment framework using MLops provides for a shorter go-to-market time, which means getting ahead of the competition and staying on top!

CI/CD/CT/CM Pipeline Automation

Kovaion Consulting utilizes the concept of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing & Continuous Monitoring framework to perform fast and reliable ML model deployments in production, which allows to automatically build, testing, and deploy the ML Model, Data, & ML training pipeline components.

What we deliver?

Kovaion Consulting for AI & ML Services and Solutions

Most companies have knowledge about the power of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies. But only a few businesses have found the right AI and ML service and solution companies to satisfy their business needs.

Kovaion Consulting is one of the suitable AI and ML service companies to build data-driven solutions. Just automate the process, strengthen your client relationship, improve productivity, and enjoy the highest ROI with our service and solution. Further, our bespoke AI & ML solutions will ensure that our customers remain appropriate and competitive in the existing and upcoming markets.

  • Certified AI & ML professionals
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • No timezone barriers
  • Transparent pricing
  • Worked in various industries
  • Best-in-class AI/ML services

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Question you Might Get


  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)?

    AI (Artificial Intelligence) denotes the process and algorithms which stimulate human intelligence, along with imitating cognitive processes like problem-solving, perception, and learning. ML (Machine Learning) and DL (Deep Learning) are the subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Machine learning is a subset of AI that falls within the “limited memory” category in which the AI (machine) can learn and develop over time. By utilizing statistical techniques & algorithms, machines are instructed to encounter patterns and uncover key insights in extensive data sets to make better predictions and decisions. These insights later drive decision-making within businesses and applications.

  • What are the AI/ML technologies that Kovaion Consulting specialise in?

    • Machine Learning
      • Supervised Learning:
        • Regression
        • Classification
      • Un-supervised Learning:
        • Clustering
        • Dimensionality Reduction
    • Deep Learning
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
      • Chatbots
      • Sentiment Analysis
      • Document Keyword extraction
    • Computer Vision
      • Extracting text from images using OCR
      • Object Detection
  • List the required data to implement AI and ML Services.

    If any individual or a business needs to define data in a numerical representation can utilize these AI and ML services. Text, image, tabular data, video, and graphs are some of the data types.

  • Will Kovaion Consulting work according to my time zone?

    Absolutely Yes! Kovaion can offer AI and ML Services and Solutions according to your time zone, milestone, and deadline. To know more about our service, or solution, contact us via info@kovaion.com or check our Contact Us page.