Oracle HCM Cloud | Display-Scrolling-Text-in-the-Dashboard

Oracle HCM Cloud | Display-Scrolling-Text-in-the-Dashboard

Oracle recruiting cloud facilitates the creation of job application-based activities by hiring managers, such as “women hire” or “global hire”. It explains that while employees refer candidates for current job openings, they lack awareness of the specific hiring activities in the organization. To address this, it suggests utilizing scrolling text on the dashboard to inform employees about ongoing hiring activities and enhance organizational transparency.


Kovaion Highlights in This QuickReads:

A quickread of Display scrolling text in the dashboard will explore & focus on,

  • A brief introduction to Oracle dashboard concepts.
  • The intention behind is outline the process of job application-based activities in Oracle recruiting cloud and propose the use of scrolling text on the dashboard to inform employees about ongoing hiring activities within the organization.
  • Noteworthy benefits of dashboard & its enhancements such as those released in further Oracle updates.


Business Benefits of the Display Scrolling Text in the Dashboard:

  • Increased Transparency: Displaying scrolling text on the dashboard enhances transparency by keeping employees informed about ongoing hiring activities. This can foster a sense of openness and trust within the organization.
  • Improved Employee Engagement: When employees are aware of the hiring activities, they may feel more engaged with the recruitment process. This can lead to increased participation in referring candidates and promoting a collaborative work environment.
  • Enhanced Communication: The scrolling text serves as a real-time communication tool, allowing for quick dissemination of information across the organization. This can help streamline communication channels and ensure that employees are kept up-to-date with relevant updates.
  • Facilitated Employee Involvement: By knowing which hiring activities are occurring, employees can align their efforts more effectively. This may encourage them to actively participate in the recruitment process by referring suitable candidates or providing valuable insights.
  • Support for Diversity Initiatives: Highlighting specific hiring activities such as “women hire” underscores the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. This can contribute to creating a more diverse workforce and fostering a culture of equality within the organization.
  • Efficiency in Recruitment: With employees informed about ongoing hiring activities, the recruitment process may become more efficient. This increased awareness can lead to a higher volume of quality referrals and ultimately reduce the time and resources required to fill open positions.

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