Embarking on Journeys with HCM Cloud Checklist | Free Webinar

In any organization, tracking end-to-end processes from Onboarding to Exit is critical. Though crucial, it must be handled without any hassle.

To achieve this, Oracle has introduced the “Journeys” with a new look and feel for the existing checklist functionality. Oracle Journey is a one-step application that aims to facilitate employees during their personal and professional transitions, which in turn helps users to manage tasks effectively with the best experience.

Are you ready to Explore the Journeys on HCM Cloud with us through our free webinar? If yes, join us on the below-mentioned date and time for the informative & interactive session.

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What is Kovaion’s Focus in this webinar?

In this oracle-related free webinar session, individuals can look into below mentioned new features on the topic journeys with HCM Cloud.

  • Categories in Journeys task
  • Enabling Surveys
  • Combination of Tasks
  • Guided journeys for compensation flows.


Business Benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud Journeys

  • Journeys enable organizations to manage and deliver personalized experiences for employees throughout their work life.
  • Journeys help work-life balance with their configurable work-personal-career task.
  • Journeys can be configured with user-defined Images and have a Visual task progress indicator.


Date: 23/11/2022
Time: 3.30 PM
Duration: 30 Mins
Speaker: Nikhil Patil, Associate Customer Success Manager


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