Webinar | Business Process Automation Using Low-Code Platform

Webinar | Business Process Automation Using Low-Code Platform

In today’s dynamic business landscape, effective business automation is crucial. Proper automation ensures that tasks are completed sequentially, by the appropriate personnel, and at the right time. It can help businesses streamline operations and minimize delays, optimize resource utilization to enhance productivity, reduce errors through automated task management, and quickly adjust workflows to meet evolving business needs.

By leveraging low-code platforms, businesses can benefit from user-friendly interfaces, reusable components, and customization options that make workflow creation accessible and efficient. These platforms have evolved significantly, offering modern solutions that address the growing demand for agile and responsive workflow automation.

Understanding and implementing workflow automation can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve accuracy, making it an essential aspect of contemporary business operations.

In this webinar, let’s dive into how to automate business processes using Kovaion’s Low Code Platform.


Webinar Details

Date: 26.06.2024

Time: 3:30 PM IST | 11:00 AM BST

Duration: 30 Minutes

Speaker(s): Sivakumar Natesh, Associate R&D

Session Focus: “Business Process Automation using Low-Code Platform”


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Webinar Insights

Join us for an insightful webinar where you’ll uncover the secrets to automating your business processes with Kovaion’s cutting-edge Low-Code Platform. Learn how this innovative technology can streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce manual workloads.

  • Introduction to Kovaion APP Builder: The App Builder platform is a development tool that allows users to create applications with minimal hand-coding using Visual Builder. Any advanced forms, workflows, and Dashboards can be created.
  • The Importance of Workflow Automation: Workflow automation involves streamlining business processes by using technology to perform tasks automatically, which is crucial for increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and saving costs.
  • Core Features of Kovaion APP builder: Kovaion App builder offers intuitive interfaces for easy workflow creation, reusable components and modules, and customization options to meet specific business needs.
  • Building a Workflow from Scratch: To build a workflow, one must identify the processes to automate, design the workflow steps, configure tasks, roles, and rules, and test and iterate the workflow to refine it.
  • Types and Benefits of Workflows: There are various types of workflows, such as forms-based, scheduled, and advanced AI-based decision makers with each offering unique benefits like improved efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and better process tracking.
  • Real-Time Scenarios: Examples from real-world scenarios illustrate how businesses across various industries have successfully implemented low-code platforms to automate workflows.

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