Exploring Oracle Grow in Oracle ME

With the 23C Update Oracle has introduced a brand-new product called Oracle Grow which comes as part of Oracle ME.


About Oracle Grow

Introducing Oracle Grow in Oracle ME an innovative and integrated talent ecosystem that harmoniously integrates the domains of learning, skills development, and career mobility. Grow processes your employee’s data and delivers the most relevant learning recommendations and development opportunities to everyone. Grow provides your employees with everything they need to excel in their current roles and achieve future aspirations.


What does Oracle Grow provide for employees?

Presented below are the offerings provided by Oracle Grow to empower employees and fuel their professional development.

  • Experience tailored learning, skills, and development recommendations, fine-tuned to help you excel in your current role and propel your career growth, all based on your unique growth preferences.
  • Gain access to a wealth of development resources, including popular skills, learning materials, and developmental journeys, enabling you to stay ahead in your professional growth.
  • Customize your growth journey by specifying your preferences in areas such as skills, learning topics, and careers of interest, influencing the personalized recommendation feeds.

Fig 1: Landing Page of Oracle Grow

Let’s deep dive in and explore what Oracle Grow gives to customers.


Employees are Frustrated

  • For an employee to be successful, guidance is an indeed. Lack of Guidance and clarity in the employee’s role could lead to attrition. They lack the vision in their current role and subsequently cannot imagine the long term in an organization.
  • Another possibility for attrition would be a Lack of Transparency into what opportunities exist within the Organization.

Fig 2: Employees are frustrated

The above-mentioned possibilities can be eliminated with Oracle Grow by providing an opportunity for employees to explore their interested Roles within the Organization as per the learning and assessment set by the company. It prepares for the role in which employees are interested.


Oracle Grow Enables Employees

  • To choose the learning as per their wish in the role they are interested in.
  • To assess their skills for a particular role they are interested in.
  • As this is an AI-enabled product, this recommends courses to the employees.


Fig 3: Employees skill Enhancement page.


Managers are confused


Fig 4: Managers are confused

  • Due to a lack of knowledge of the current skills of their team members, managers face difficulties in assigning them the correct role.
  • The above point acts as a response and so the managers are unable to support the employee growth.
  • There is a difficulty for managers in the progress of employees. If the employee has been assigned a coursed enrolled by him or the manager, there has been a situation where managers are unable to track the progress of learning.


How Oracle Grow help to solve this problem?

  • Managers will have the complete data of his/her Direct Reportees starting from education qualification till the last project that employees were engaged in.
  • Managers can assign courses to employees based on his/her skills and take their careers to the next step.
  • Managers will have the option to assess and track the progress of the courses he/she has been assigned to.


Powered by AI

  • The first-of-its-kind growth solution that dynamically connects everything you need for learning, skill growth, and career mobility in one hyper-personalized experience.
  • The application recommends the courses dynamically to employees as per the skills they possess.

Fig 5: Oracle Grow Powered by Artificial Intelligence


The newest addition to Oracle ME

Oracle Grow is an addition to the Oracle ME Product which still further enhances the employee experience.


Fig 6: Addition of Oracle Grow with Oracle ME


Oracle ME Features

Oracle ME has Multiple features such as

  • HCM communicate.
  • Touchpoints
  • Journeys
  • Connections
  • HR Help Desk
  • Digital Assistant

In addition to the above features, Oracle Grow is an addition that will boost the employee experience.


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Hyper Personalized

As mentioned earlier Oracle Grow is AI-driven and it is at most hyper-personalized to the employees according to their Skills.


Fig 7: Hyper personalized Learning page



Fig 8: Recommended learning page for employees


What’s next in the career plan of an employee?

Oracle Grow explicitly gives an advantage for an employee to see the path and achieve the dream role.


Fig 9: Defining career path for employees

Say for example the employee is in a role called “Business process manager” and the dream role would be “Director” for the respective employee. Oracle Grow presents you with the pathway outlined in the screenshot, guiding you toward attaining your desired role or job.


Analytics for Manager

Oracle Grow also provides you with a Dashboard view of employee learning, its progress, and ranked employees for the respective learning.


Fig 10: Dashboard for Managers


The Bottom Line:

Oracle Grow is a comprehensive platform designed to empower businesses with its suite of innovative tools and solutions. The combination of Oracle Grow and Oracle ME enables businesses to optimize their operations, increase productivity, and drive growth. By leveraging the power of Oracle’s advanced technologies, organizations can achieve agility, scalability, and competitive advantage in the digital landscape.


Author: Subash Ravichandran, Oracle HCM Cloud Consultant

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