Fluid Extended Absence Self Service permits PeopleSoft end users to create and maintain Extended Absence Requests using fluid pages. This feature was introduced in Oracle PeopleSoft PUM Image 31, to enhance employee flexibility using fluid pages. This feature can be used to avail Extended Absence, attach documents and submit for approval. Employees can also review approved extended absences.

Leave Application

  1. Login (Employee). Navigate to Homepage Employee Self Service Time (tile) Extended Absence Request (tile)
  2. Click on the Extended Absence Request tile to open Absence Activity Guide.

Fig.1: ESS Screen on a Mobile Device > Click on the “Time” Tile > Click on “Extended Absence Request” Tile

  1. Users can easily add a new extended absence by clicking on the + button as shown in the above image.

Fig.2: Extended Absence Tile

  1. Select the Absence Type and Absence Take from dropdown and click on Launch button to open Activity Guide for extended absence details entry page. By default, Absence Type is All.

Fig.3: “Request Extended Absence” Screen on a Mobile Device > Absence Take and Absence Name

Note: The FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) protects benefits and job restoration for employees who take a leave from work to care for themselves or family members. This law went into effect August 5, 1993, and contains provisions regarding employer coverage, employee eligibility and entitlement, notice and certification, continuation of health benefits, and job restoration. (Ref: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E39904_01/hcm92pbr0/eng/hcm/hbbn/concept_UnderstandingFMLAPlanAdministration-e374e9.html)

  1. Enter the details on the Absence Information page selecting “FMLA Maternity”

Fig.4: Absence Information Page on a Mobile with view of Activity Guide on left panel (expanded and compressed)

  1. Click on Next which will traverse to the “FMLA Eligibility Section”. Fill in the necessary details to validate the FMLA eligibility.

Fig.5: FMLA Eligibility Screen

  1. Activity Guide traverses to the Attachment and Notes section.

Fig.6: Attachments and Notes Section Fig.7: Request submission Screen

  1. Click on Add Attachment to add any attachment if required. Review and Submit the application.

Extended Absence Request has been successfully submitted and pending for approval. Click on the Extended Absence Request link, it will show absences saved, submitted and approved.

Fig.8: Submitted Request (Mobile View)

Fig.9: Submitted Request (Laptop View)

Fig.10: Extended Absence screen with submitted request

The above illustrates absences in draft (saved), submitted as well as approved status. The employee can review an existing “Approved” absence request and add a child Absence if required.

Leave Approval Process

  1. Login (Manager). Navigate to Navigate to Homepage Manager Self Service Approvals.
  2. Filter with Type as – “Extended Absence”

Fig.11: MSS > Approval Tile

  1. Click on the request
  2. Approve the request

Child Leave Application Process

  1. Login (Employee). Navigate to Homepage Employee Self Service Time (tile) Extended Absence Request (tile)
  2. Click on the Extended Absence Request tile to open Absence Activity Guide. Click on the already “Approved Absence”.

Note: The user can add child request to the existing extended absence, when the extended absence status is approved.

  1. Add the Child Absence by clicking on “Add Absence”

User can view the individual absence requests that are available under the extended absence request.

Business Benefits:

  1. Fluid Absence exposure to end users while using Extended Absence Self-service feature.
  2. Partial Absence request can be added/saved as draft before submission

PeopleSoft Team