In the recent mobile era, where the number of mobile users is greater than the number of desktop users – Kovaion’s PS Mobile is an interactive, intuitive and unique portable solution which allows users to accomplish time-consuming activities on the go. Studies show that apps are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction.

Key Features

  • Kovaion’s proprietary light weight tool
  • Easy adoption – No customizations required
  • Enhanced security and Reliability
    • Being a Native app, takes full advantage of device’s processing speed and adds more security and reliability
    • Authenticates using peoplesoft delivered sign on process hence as secure as peoplesoft itself.
    • MDM(Mobile Device Management) added on need basis
  • Interactive engagement- interaction feels more natural.
  • Ease of completing tasks such as approvals, time entry, self-service etc.
  • Productivity improvement.
  • Push Notifications / Instant update
  • Enhanced user experience – App can utilize native features of mobile (e.g.: Camera, phone storage, finger print security, face recognition etc.).
  • Available on all leading mobile OS (iOS, Android) platforms.

Excerpts from PS Mobile

  • User clicks on the native app icon
  • App is secured and opened using thumb print, (native feature of mobile), provides an additional layer of security.
  • Mobile apps load content faster because they store information locally

On login, displays role-based home pages/dashboards – a prominent and intuitive feature to give a seamless experience to the user. These dashboards provide a high level view of team activities, real time analysis, key metrics, pending and priority tasks etc. Refer to  PeopleSoft- Fluid Dashboards | Kovaion for more information.

Helps complete day to day activities such as approvals, time entry, self-service related transactions with great ease.

  • Users can access and download documents to internal storage.
  • A seamless sample transaction of user modifying his/her home address – Attachments need to be added as a part of address change. Being a mobile app -configured to provide the user with options to attach an image taken on the spot, an image from photo library, documents from the drive, document from internal memory etc.
  • Native features provide an added advantage:
    • Camera can be used to capture and attach information on the go
    • GPS can be used to connect with maps and other services.


  • In an ‘app vs website’ debate, app takes an upper hand in terms of broader reach.
  • Reduced cost for implementation –
    • No coding changes are required which makes maintenance and implementation much easier.
    • Tools can handle PS upgrades and other new module rollouts
  • Improves productivity and efficiency.
  • Brand Presence – mobile apps are now considered to create a distinguished brand for each product/service. Mobile app icons work as innovative ad-banners.
  • Less cluttered & Better navigation
  • Push notification are received irrespective a user opens an app or not.
  • Promotes product and services.


  • Compatibility & Cross platform support.
  • Support and maintenance – updates and compatibility fixes across operating systems.


Eileen Franklin
PeopleSoft Practice