Interesting & Informative Power BI Enabled Dashboards


Here is the the QuickRead on the interesting and informative power BI enables dashboards by Kovaion Consulting – AI/ML Team!


What is Kovaion’s focus in this informative power BI enabled dashboards video?

  • To provide an overview of the functionalities and technicalities of the Power BI enhanced dashboards.
  • To highlight the capability of turning traditional data formats into insightful, informative and interactive dashboards.
  • To provide a sneak peek into how it’s important to keep a track of the SLAs, and the productivity of the paralegals.
  • To portray a graphical story as to the count of the cases that meet the SLA criteria and finally the cases that meet the SLA.
  • To slice and dice the data based on the number of cases initiated and filed by a paralegal in the last two business years.
  • To showcase the underlying data and the complex steps involved in refining it, in form of a visual story.
  • To give the users accessibility to a slicer panel wherein the data can be filtered to retrieve relevant information.
  • To emphasize the easy functionality of the dashboard, enabling the users to switch to different views across the dashboard, reset filters and navigate along the pages smoothly.


Business Benefits of the informative power BI enables dashboards video:

  • The highly informative and interactive dashboard, presented in the video allows the higher authority and managers of an organization to:
  • Identify the key aspects of the organization by keeping track of the SLA and productivity.
  • Monitor reports and analyze vital problems in a powerful and straightforward way.
  • Focus on driving enhancements and working on bottlenecks.
  • Access insights from real-time data through any device and from any location
  • Enhance data transparency and improve decision-making for the betterment of the organization.

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