Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions


Oracle Workforce Predictions is an advanced solution that offers pre-defined models for predicting worker performance and voluntary termination based on various attributes. With this tool, businesses can easily manage and run predictive models that collect and analyze data for predictive analytics. The process can quickly rebuild selected predictive models and make predictions based on scores derived during the build process.

Using Oracle Workforce Predictions, companies can create and edit predictive attributes to include in the predefined models. This enables businesses to customize the tool to meet their unique needs and control which predictive attributes appear in what-if analyses. With this level of customization, businesses can modify the minimum and maximum values on a slider scale and make more accurate predictions.

One of the significant benefits of this tool is the ability to perform what-if analyses that predict the likelihood of an employee giving voluntary termination. This feature helps businesses make informed decisions and negotiate mutually beneficial solutions. Overall, Oracle Workforce Predictions is an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their workforce and make data-driven decisions.


Business Benefits

Here are the business benefits of Oracle Workforce Predictions!


Improved Workforce Management:

Oracle Workforce Predictions provide businesses with valuable insights into employee performance and voluntary termination, enabling them to make informed decisions about their workforce management.


Enhanced Predictive Analytics:

This tool enables businesses to collect and analyze data to make more accurate predictions about their workforce. By identifying trends and patterns in data, businesses can optimize their workforce planning and make data-driven decisions.


Customizable Predictive Models:

With the ability to create and edit predictive attributes, businesses can customize their predictive models to meet their unique needs. This level of customization allows businesses to modify attributes to improve the accuracy of predictions.


What-If Analyses:

Oracle Workforce Predictions allows businesses to perform what-if analyses, which can help them understand the impact of different scenarios on their workforce. This feature enables businesses to make informed decisions and negotiate mutually beneficial solutions.

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