A Holistic view of Teams’ availability – PeopleSoft Team Calendar (HCM PUM 42)

A Holistic view of Teams’ availability – PeopleSoft Team Calendar (HCM PUM 42)

Many of us can appreciate the fact of the transition of manager capabilities from the team’s manual (physical), time consuming updates of leaves/vacations on a paper, to maintaining systematized excel sheets to handle the updates online.

Today, it is still a difficult scenario to get a holistic picture of absence or schedules of an entire team on one view.

There has been multitude of new features and enhancements delivered by Oracle in its successive tools and images versions, one of it being PeopleSoft Team Calendar Framework in HCM PUM Image 42 to make the task easier, efficient, and complete.

Team calendar helps Managers and Employees to cater to their daily business (/operational) needs.


Interested to know more about this intuitive feature?

Join us in this informative Webinar to understand how the employee calendar helps an organization to keep the calendar of all the employees in one place and makes tasks easier.


Key take-aways of the Webinar include

  • Overview of the PUM 42 Feature – PeopleSoft Team Calendar
  • Employee View Vs Manager View
  • Capabilities of custom events using Configuration
  • Business Benefits of embracing the feature
  • Kovaion’s experience and expertise to implement new functionalities or upgrade the existing to the latest versions


Date : 27th July 2022
Time : 3:30 PM IST | 11AM GMT+1
Duration : 30 Minutes
Speaker(s) : Amrit Kumar Gupta, PeopleSoft Techno-Functional Consultant

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