Peoplesoft HCM Image 25 Highlights

Peoplesoft HCM Image 25 is out recently and Oracle has enhanced the look and feel, performance, efficiency, and configurability of many business processes.  Here is a sneak peek on the new features delivered.

General Enhancements:

  1. In activity guide composer, the category can now be cloned. This new utility Clone Category is available under Setup HCM > Common Definitions > Activity Guide Composer > Activity Guide Utilities.
  2. Fluid Attachment framework now supports links and notes.

Human Resources:

  1. Person ID Delete process:

The person ID delete process is enhanced to include additional control parameters. Records can now be excluded from the process through configuring the same in the Person ID Delete Control page.

Additional parameters to skip the Control Record/Field check and Record Exclusion Check is now available while running the process.

Global Payroll:


  • Fluid Self Service Reporting:


A new tile – Payroll Reports, a self-service reporting feature is now available to users under the Employee Self Service homepage. The employees will be notified when a new report is available, and they can view, download, or print the report using any device- mobile, laptop, tablet through this tile.


Global Payroll for India:

Future dated termination is now considered while projecting taxable earnings for the financial year. This helps in the tax deduction process ensuring that no excess amount is deducted from the employee. Tax is calculated based on the last working day of that employee.

Time & Labor:


  • Fluid Timesheet:

The fluid timesheet allows the employees to enter time, view time and exceptions on fluid home page. This feature provides a modern, intuitive user experience through mobiles, laptops, tablets, and desktops. Fluid timesheet allows users to enter time as minutes and allow mid-period changes. The feature includes three pages – Enter Time, Time Summary, View Exceptions.


Enter Time: This fluid page allows the users to enter time and comments. The view legend link provides details of the various icons and colors used in the page. The sum of the scheduled time and the reported time will be available in the group level, week level and day level.


Time Summary: Provides a summary of the time entered. The time entered can be viewed weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or by Period.

  • Fluid Payable Time Approval:


Payable time approval process is now delivered as a part of fluid approvals. The approvals can be summarized by Time Approver and Time Period Covered. Mass approval action is enabled for fluid payable time approval.


Manage Profiles:

  1. The fluid talent page is now enhanced to include the related items as an additional link in the page.
  2. Non-Person Profile (JPMNonpersonProfile) and Person Profile (JPMPersonProfiles) are now available as fluid approvals.


  1. The fluid Total Rewards feature now supports print capability.
  2. Allocate Compensation (ApproveCompensationProposals) is now available as a part of fluid approvals.


Talent Acquisition Manager:


  • Applicant ID Delete Process: This process is used to remove any applicant data from the system when necessary. The process deletes the applicant data from both Talent acquisition manager and candidate gateway. When the applicant id is a foreign key, the process updates the applicant id field to zero. There are 3 pages created for this purpose.
  • Applicant ID Delete: Run control page to select the list of applicant id to be deleted and run the process.
  • Applicant ID Delete Log : Holds the log details of the Applicant ID Delete process
  • Applicant ID Delete Control: The list of records to be excluded from the delete process can be included in this control page. In the applicant ID delete run control page you have the option to skip the record exclusion if necessary.



Fluid approvals is enabled for W4 Tax withholding.


Thanks & Regards,
Mathumitha Kulandaivelu
Kovaion Consulting