Customizations on Learning Landing Page | Oracle Learning Cloud


Examine our “Customizations on Learning Landing Page” QuickRead, to create and Add components like Text areas, Boxes, and use them as per the requirements in Oracle HCM Cloud.

Check out the brief intro of Customizations on the Learning Landing Page.


About Customization

The Page Customizations will provide accessibility to change default system configurations which will benefit the customer to behave in the system as per their requirement. These customizations will change the appearance of the application, add or create new groups & pages, adding of additional text areas\empty boxes\HTML\images\links, and hide or remove the sections on a particular page, etc.


Customizations on the Learning Landing Page

  • The Text area will state in the Important Note, about the learning hours that the employee completed in the calendar year.
  • The Empty Box will display the Total Hours that the employee completed in the financial year.


Business Benefits:

  • This customization provides a benefit to the user to view both Financial and Calendar Year Learning Hours.
  • It allows the administrator to create additional content on the Learning Landing page.
  • This will gain accessibility to display overall learning hours from a user’s point of view.
  • It will simplify the Learning page.