Time and Labor and Absence Management Integration

One of the common requirements during Oracle HCM Cloud implementations is the standard process to integrate the absence entry with the time card page. If an absence is entered, the absence hour should be reflected on the time entry page. This integration was only feasible if the UOM (unit of measurement) during absence configuration was hours. If the absence UOM is days, then the integration field ‘Enable for time card entry’ was not editable.

Absence-and-OTL- Integration-Field-Time-and-Labor-and- Absence-Management-Integration

Fig.1: Absence and OTL Integration Field


After the 23B update, the integration is now possible even when the UOM is days. If an organization is using Time and Labor and Absence Management in their Oracle Fusion HCM instance, then enable this feature so that the field ‘Enable for time card entry’ is always editable.


Enabling the Integration Field:

To enable this integration field, follow the steps below:

1. Go to ‘Profile Management’ and access ‘Setup and Maintenance.’

Setup-and-Maintenance -Time-and-Labor-and-Absence-Management-Integration

Fig.2: Setup and Maintenance


2. On the right-side panel, select the ‘Task Menu’ and use the ‘Search’ option to find ‘Manage Common Lookup.’


Fig.3: Navigation to Manage Common Lookup


3. Create a new lookup by clicking the plus (+) icon under the ‘Search Results’ section.

Creating-a-Lookup-Value- Time-and-Labor-and-Absence-Management-Integration

Fig.4: Creating a Lookup Value


4. Enter the following values in their respective fields:

  • Lookup Type Name: ANC_TM_NEW_INTG_ENABLE
  • Lookup Type Meaning: Upgrade Absence Management and Time and Labor Integration
  • Lookup Type Description: Upgrade to the new integration architecture for Absence Management and Time and Labor
  • Module: Global Absences
  • REST Access Secured: Secure


Click ‘Save’ and then add a new lookup code by clicking the plus (+) icon under the ‘Lookup Codes’ section.


5. For the Lookup Codes,

  • Lookup Code: ANC_YES
  • Enabled: Select the check box
  • Meaning: ANC_YES


After completing these steps, click ‘Save and Close’.


Lookup-Type-ANC_TM_NEW_INTG_ENABLE- Time-and-Labor-and-Absence-Management-Integration



Integration during Absence Configuration:

Once the lookup is created and enabled, the field ‘Enable for time card entry’ will be editable even if it is for absence type which was already configured or on a new configuration.

To modify the field value for a pre-configured absence type:

1. Open the absence type configuration page by navigating from the Absence Administration page.


Fig.6: Absence Type Configuration Page


2. Change the Session Effective Date from the Effective Start Date.

Time-Integration- Time-and-Labor-and-Absence-Management-Integration

Fig.7: Time Integration


3. Navigate to the ‘Edit’ dropdown menu and choose ‘Correct’ from the options.

4. Scroll down to the ‘Enable for time card entry’ field on the right side.


Fig.8: Enable Time Card Entry


5. Select one of the following options:

  • Not shown on time card: Absences entered won’t be displayed on the time card entry page.
  • Only view on time card: Absence hours will appear on the time card entry page but won’t be editable from there.
  • Editable on time card: Absence hours will be displayed on the time card page, and users can modify them from the time card entry page.

6. Click Save and Close after choosing the required setup.

7. Now, users can view the absence leave details on the time card page.


Fig.9: Time Card Page


In Summary:

With the 23B update in Oracle HCM Cloud, integrating Time and Absence Management is more flexible than ever. Regardless of whether absence UOM is configured in hours or days, organizations can enable the ‘Enable for time card entry’ field. This enhancement streamlines human capital management, allowing users to easily manage absence entries and time cards within a single platform.


Solution for HCM:

Oracle HCM fusion application offers organizations a comprehensive solution to facilitate human capital management needs. Oracle HCM fusion provides features such as employee management, absence management, employee’s time entry management, talent management, and much more to streamline the HR administrations.

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Author: Abunashar Kalim Alam, HCM Junior Associate


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