Unlocking Autocomplete Rules in HCM Cloud | Webinar

Autocomplete Rules takes the user experience to the next level by allowing customers to define very specific rules and criteria to default/validate across its suite of products. Autocomplete Rules under HCM Experience Design Studio was introduced in 20A HCM Cloud Update and the tool has evolved with additional fields with each update from Oracle. Autocomplete Rules, which is the data model extensibility framework, has no direct knowledge of the UI and is driven by the state of values in various fields of different objects. This rule enables the business to use different criteria to default or validate, anywhere in a guided flow or static setup data.

Join us on this informative and interesting Webinar to get introduced to Autocomplete rules embracing the complete potential with additional features to ease the day-to-day business operation performed by users in the HCM application.


What is Kovaion’s Focus in this webinar?

In this oracle-related free webinar session, individuals can look into the below-mentioned points,

  • Overview of auto-complete rule and its benefits
  • Value adds to business
  • Business objects and their four rules
  • Scenario-based explanation
  • Question and Answers


Business Benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud Journeys

  • Enables “ON-THE-GO” validations
  • Validates both delivered and custom fields
  • Auto-populating of values in the fields
  • Handle custom logic on field validation
  • Reduces manual errors
  • Improves data integrity

Date: Dec 8, 2022
Time: 3.30 PM
Duration: 30 Mins
Speaker: Mohamed Thowfik Rahman, Oracle Cloud consultant, Kovaion

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