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About Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service provides employees with access to their personal information, benefits, paychecks, and other HR-related data. It enables employees to manage their HR-related tasks and requests, such as updating their personal information, submitting time off requests, viewing their pay statements, and enrolling in benefits programs.

Employee Self-Service gives a centralized platform that allows employees to access their HR-related data from anywhere, at any time, using any device with internet connectivity. It eliminates the need for employees to contact HR personnel for routine tasks and reduces the administrative workload of HR staff.


Employee Self-Service – Flexible Schedule Change

Working on a flexible schedule is required for a better work-life balance for employees. Flex workers are more likely to stick around even in difficult times because flexible work schedules provide employees with a higher level of job satisfaction.

Flexible work schedules become more important and they add value to employees to associate longer time with an organization.

Peoplesoft PUM 44 delivers a new feature to request a schedule change for employees using the Fluid page. The fluid page gives modern look and improves the user experience.


The schedule change is requested in two ways:

  • Give up your Shift: The manager re-assigns the given shift to someone in the team.
  • Trade your Shift: Exchange schedule with a co-worker in the team.


Give up Your Shift:

  • Employee requests manager re-assign the shift to someone in the team or remove the shift from the employee’s schedule for that day. Give up your Shift term can rename from the message catalog.

Navigation: Employee Self Service à Time à Request Schedule Change Tile à Give up your Shift

PeopleSoft-HCM-personalize-my-team-for-manager-Request Schedule Change

Fig 1: Request Schedule Change

  • An employee can review Swapped Schedule on the Team Calendar page.
PeopleSoft-HCM-personalize-my-team-for-manager-Team Calendar

Fig 2: Team Calendar


Trade Your Shift:

  • Using this page employees can swap schedules with their co-workers in the team.

Navigation: Employee Self Service à Time à Request Schedule Change Tile à Trade your Shift

  • Enter begin and end dates and click on next to apply a filter to select co-workers.
PeopleSoft-HCM-personalize-my-team-for-manager-Trade Shift

Fig 3: Trade Shift

  • Select the option to filter, I have selected Display only employees with no conflict

PeopleSoft-HCM-personalize-my-team-for-manager-TradeShift Options

    Fig 4: Tradeshift Options
  • Select a co-worker from the list and submit the request. Employees without Schedule ID cannot be selected to trade Schedule.
PeopleSoft-HCM-personalize-my-team-for-manager-Select Trade Shift Co-worker

Fig 5: Select Trade Shift Co-worker

  • Employees can review Swapped Schedule on the Team Calendar page.
PeopleSoft-HCM-personalize-my-team-for-manager-Check shift in Team Calender

Fig 6: Check shift in Team Calendar


Business Benefits:

  • Helpful for employees to change their schedules and work flexible schedule hours.
  • Easier for managers to re-assign the schedule of the employee to another within the team.
  • A schedule change request can easily be tracked in the Team calendar.
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction


Author: Ashadulla Shaik, Associate Customer Success Manager

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