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By now, you’ve likely heard the news! An Exciting Announcement that Demonstrates ORACLE’s Continued Dedication to PeopleSoft!!

Oracle has recently announced that it will continue to extend support for PeopleSoft for the fifth consecutive year, indicating its commitment to maintaining a rolling 10-year support period for its customers. Yes, Oracle Extends its Support for PeopleSoft to 2034! This announcement is made by Rebekah Jackson – Vice President, Strategy & Product Management at Oracle.


Oracle Signals Confidence in PeopleSoft

The PeopleSoft software, which is used by a wide range of organizations for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Capital Management (HCM), was originally released in the late 1980s and has been a staple of the enterprise software market ever since. With its new announcement, Oracle is showing its continued commitment to PeopleSoft, despite the rise of newer cloud-based solutions in the ERP and HCM spaces.


What Oracle’s Support Extension for PeopleSoft Means for Customers

According to Paco Aubrejuan, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle’s Applications Development division, the company recognizes that many organizations still rely on PeopleSoft and want to continue using it for the foreseeable future. One of the key benefits of the extended support period is that it gives organizations more time to plan their migration to newer solutions, without having to worry about being left without support for their existing PeopleSoft deployments.

In addition, it gives organizations the option to continue using PeopleSoft for longer, which may be preferable in cases due to factors such as cost or customizations that have been made to the software. The extended support period will include Regular Updates and Bug Fixes, as well as access to Oracle’s Premier Support and Continuous Innovation Releases ensuring that organizations using PeopleSoft can continue to receive the support and updates, they need to keep their systems running smoothly and securely.


Oracle’s Support At Least until 2034

The updated Lifetime Support Policy datasheet for Applications confirms that all PeopleSoft continuous delivery releases will be supported through at least 2034. This commitment to PeopleSoft will remain unchanged unless Oracle’s Strategy and Support for PeopleSoft undergo a change.

Beyond ensuring compliance with legislative changes and technology certifications, the PeopleSoft Product Development Team has invested in the platform’s strategic growth, with a focus on Improving Value for Line-of-Business Users and Reducing Operating Costs.


Oracle’s Releases Year on Year

Over the last year, PeopleSoft has introduced several new capabilities and releases, including:

  • PeopleTools 8.60
  • Real-time Indexing
  • The Search-First Experience
  • Team Calendar (HCM)
  • Fluid Performance Management (HCM)
  • Payroll Insights (HCM)
  • New eProcurement Cart and checkout experience (ERP)
  • Refreshed Bid Response experience (ERP)

Along with these, Cloud Manager 15 has also introduced scaling recommendations and AI-driven auto-scaling capabilities, while Lifecycle Management Improvements like PUM Automated Updates – All these have helped drive down maintenance costs.

Like you all, Kovaion is also curious to experience this year’s new opportunities and releases!!


Oracle’s Commitment to Putting PeopleSoft Customers First

Overall, Oracle’s decision to extend support for PeopleSoft is good news for organizations that rely on this software. It provides them with more time to plan their Migration to Newer Solutions, while also giving them the option to Continue Using PeopleSoft. With Regular Updates and Bug Fixes included in the support period, Organizations can rest assured that their PeopleSoft deployments will continue to be well-supported for years to come.


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Author Name: Nandhini Devi Raman, Oracle PeopleSoft Consultant

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