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PeopleSoft HCM PUM 47 | Personal Data Modernization



PeopleSoft Human Resources offers the Modernization and Fluidization of Personal Data capabilities in Update Image 47, which increases the productivity of HR administrators’ and representatives’ daily tasks. The ability to search for duplicate individuals, fluidize Personal Data pages, customize searches, add attachments, expedite data entry with an activity guide, validate data, and receive a summary of changes are among the main improvements.


Steps to add or find an employee


1. Manage Human Resources Dashboard:

  • Explore the new fluid tiles in the Manage Human Resources dashboard, offering a streamlined approach to handling personal data.

Fig.1: Manage Human Resources


2. Create Employee:

  • You can now search to determine if a person, person of interest (POI), or contingent worker already exists in personal data before adding a new entry for them. This will assist in avoiding an employee’s duplicate entries. Duplicate entries can be quickly found using key unique fields.

Fig.2: Create Employee


3. Existing Employee:

  • This is where you may verify whether an employee is already on record or not. If not, you can create a fresh record for that individual. To view additional information about the existing employee, click the Organizational Relationship option.

Fig.3: Existing Employee


4. Create Employee Data:

  • Click the “Create Employee” button if the user wants to add a new employee.

Fig.4: Create Employee Data


5. Personal Data:

  • Following the creation of an employee button click, the employee id generation page will load and the create employee page will be accessed.

Fig.5: Personal Data


  • With the latest version, users can now attach further documentation supporting their personal information, such as their address, national ID, and biographical details.

Fig.6: Add Attachment


6. Customization with Drop Zones:

  • Using Drop zones, the user can add customization to the Create Employee page.

Fig.7: Drop Zones


7. Job Data:

  • Clicking the Next button makes it simple for HR to navigate through the JOB DATA page.

Fig.8: Job Data


  • User can even add customization in JOB DATA page using Drop zones.

Fig.9: Job Data


Steps to modify an employee


1. Modify Person Tile:

  • Navigate to the modify person page by clicking on the Modify a Person Tile.

Fig.10: Modify Person


2. Modify Personal Data:

  • The user can then edit the employee’s info after it navigates to the modify a person search page.

Fig.11: Modify Personal Data


Customization on search page


1. Manage Configurations:

  • Search pages on the Manage Human Resources Tile can be customized by HR.

Fig.12: Manage Configurations


2. Edit Search Page:

  • Click the edit button after selecting the search page to change.

Fig.13: Manage Configurations


  • User can choose which fields are displayed in the search results and the order in which they appear.

Fig.14: Edit search page


3. Preview Pages:

  • User can preview the search page by clicking on the preview button.

Fig.15: Preview Pages


Business Benefits

  • For HR Representatives and Administrators, the upgrading of the personal data feature improves daily operations and offers several advantages.
  • Handling new hiring is made easier and more efficient with several improvements, like the ability to easily look for duplicate individuals and attach papers.


The Bottom Line

The modernization of personal data in PeopleSoft HCM PUM 47 streamlines HR operations with features like duplicate individual search, customizable searches, attachment capabilities, and simplified data entry. This enhances productivity and user experience, particularly in new hiring processes. With these enhancements, HR administrators can efficiently manage employee data, driving operational excellence and facilitating better decision-making within organizations.


Author: Natarajan Chokkalingam, PeopleSoft Consultant.

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