Oracle's Continuous Support & Innovation for PeopleSoft till 2035

Oracle's Continuous Support & Innovation for PeopleSoft till 2035

Great News for Customers! This blog explores Oracle’s dedication to maintaining a rolling 10-year support model for PeopleSoft and the continuous innovation driving the platform forward.


Introduction: Oracle’s Pledge to the PeopleSoft Community

In an era where technological landscapes are constantly evolving, Oracle stands out as a beacon of reliability and commitment to its customers. Once again, Oracle has reaffirmed its dedication to the PeopleSoft community by extending its support, ensuring a seamless transition into the future. With the announcement of the annual extension of support for PeopleSoft, Oracle maintains its rolling 10-year support, providing customers with the assurance they need to thrive in a dynamic business environment.


The Foundation of Predictable Support

Oracle’s support model serves as the foundation upon which the PeopleSoft community thrives. By providing predictability and stability, Oracle empowers organizations to adopt new features, deploy modules, and make strategic investments with confidence. This commitment to continuity enables businesses to increase value while lowering costs and leveraging cloud technology.


Empowering the PeopleSoft Community: Recent Achievements

Over the past twelve months, the PeopleSoft team has delivered significant enhancements and strategic capabilities. From the introduction of the Notification Composer Framework to the seamless transition of OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards, PeopleSoft continues to evolve to meet the needs of its users. Highlights include:

Advancements in HCM and FSCM

  • Fluid Person Data and redesigned Fluid Performance Management in HCM
  • eProcurement Guided Search with Weighted Sort, Fluid Work Centers for Assets

These new features have revolutionized efficiency and usability.

Powerful Analytic Insights

  • Insights for functions like Assets, Benefits, and Commitment Control provide invaluable data-driven decision-making capabilities.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Enhancements

  • Enhanced visualizations and forecast recommendations facilitate streamlined operations and auto-scaling in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Other Significant Moves of Accomplishments

  • Oracle Digital Assistant skills for Campus Solutions
  • Oracle Guided Learning – Quick Guide Builder


Looking Towards the Future: Innovations on the Horizon

As Oracle prepares to ship Update Image 50 for both HCM and FSCM, the future of PeopleSoft’s continuous delivery shines bright. With a focus on delivering even more powerful features and updates, the PeopleSoft team is hard at work on exciting new developments, including:

New HCM and FSCM Features

  • Pre-boarding capabilities, tuition reimbursement, a Fluid paycheck modeler and job recommendations for applicants
  • Fluid Work Centers for Procurement, Expenses, and Commitment Control, virtual credit card support, a Grants award dashboard, and integration to the Oracle Business Network

Powerful Analytic Insights

  • More Insights, including for areas like Job Data, Person Data, Onboarding, Lease Administration, Page and Field Configuration and even Lifecycle Management
  • Bringing PeopleSoft Insights into Work Centers and onto application pages
  • Providing a PeopleSoft Insights explorer, showing the hundreds of analytic dashboards and visualizations in a consolidated catalog

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Enhancements

  • Exciting features like patch recommendations, custom actions, and the ability to have an automated, always-current PUM source

Enhanced User Interface

  • Updates to PeopleTools 8.62 promise an improved user experience, making PeopleSoft more intuitive and user-friendly.


Conclusion: Oracle’s Ongoing Commitment

Oracle’s extension of support for PeopleSoft and its dedication to innovation underscores its unwavering commitment to its customers. By maintaining a rolling 10-year support model, Oracle ensures that the PeopleSoft community remains at the forefront of technological advancement. As businesses look towards the future, they can do so with confidence, knowing that Oracle stands by their side, ready to support their success every step of the way.

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