The Employee Snapshot feature enables managers

  • To view and analyse data of an individual employee by using dashboards and tiles within the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface pages.
  • One stop solution to access an employee’s talent data
  • Delivers 4 business processes and dashboards to manage and analyse information about workforce
    • Summary
    • Promotion Readiness
    • Compensation Review
    • Performance Review
    • Career Planning


Configure Employee snapshot

Navigation: Select Talent Administrator>>Configure Employee Snapshot.


  • Number of years is used to restrict older competency data that may no longer be relevant. Only competencies with the number of years are displayed
  • Evaluation types – When more than one evaluation type is mentioned for an employee this gives the sequence of display. At least one value must be provided.

Licenses and Certification

  • Selecting yes ensures Licences and certification page is available for the user
  • The interval during which a warning is issued to the user to complete a certification. Expiration dates for licences and certifications are set up in qualifications details.


  • User to limit older projects from appearing on the special projects tile and special projects page.

Performance History page

  • Limit the maximum number of performance reviews to be displayed for an employee.
  • Performance document type to be displayed. These values are setup in document types pages

Performance versus Potential page

The Performance versus Potential Rating Box is used to compare and analyse the ratings from the recent performance and the career planning.

User can

  • Choose to display/hide the rating box
  • Configure the axis level details for analysis
  • Provide the rating model to be used – rating models can be set in rating model page
  • Map with potential ratings – which is displayed on the employee impact tile.

Rating Model Page

  • User to rate an employee’s proficiency level and also define values for the rating sections of a performance document.
  • Rating models are used by several applications within HCM, including:
  • Manage Profiles business process.
  • PeopleSoft ePerformance.
  • Manage Employee Reviews business process.
  • Plan Careers and Successions business processes.
  • Manage Base Compensation and Budgeting business process.

Risk versus Loss Page

  • Choose to display/hide the feature

Succession Option Page

  • Select which of the employee’s succession plans(official/draft) should display on the Succession Plan

Promotion Readiness

In HCM image 28,we have new learning tile in employee snapshot – promotion Readiness dashboard.

  • Gives managers quick graphical summary of learning statuses associated with employee profile in enterprise learning management.
  • Analyse promotion readiness for an employee using these tiles:
    • Current Salary : User can view the salary range for an employee’s job and where the employee falls within that range.
    • Job Competencies: User can view employee rating types in comparison to the competency ratings associated with the job.
    • Salary History: User can see employee’s salary, variable cash, and variable noncash information.
    • Performance History: User can able to see overall rating for an employee from past performance periods
    • Learning : User can see a number of courses which are learnt and number of courses planned.


Access the learning tile to view the current and past employee learning details

Akshata Lagamannavar
PeopleSoft Consultant

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