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Recruitment Module

Effective recruitment processes are the cornerstone of building a successful organization in today’s fast-paced corporate landscape. With the rise of technology, recruitment model apps have revolutionized how businesses manage their hiring pipelines, ensuring seamless coordination between candidates, job requisitions, and various recruitment stages. Let’s explore the details of such a recruitment app and understand how each component plays a vital role in optimizing the recruitment journey. Explore Kovaion to learn more about cutting-edge solutions in recruitment technology. 
Think of Kovaion’s HR module as your one-stop shop for everything recruitment. It acts as a central hub, eliminating the need to juggle spreadsheets, emails, and scattered platforms. This comprehensive solution simplifies the entire hiring process, from attracting top-notch talent to seamlessly onboarding new hires. By using this recruitment app, you can save time, enhance efficiency, and ultimately, find the ideal candidates to join your team. 


Exploring the Core Features of Kovaion’s HR Module:

 Let’s delve into the core functionalities within Kovaion’s HR module and explore how each component contributes to a smooth and efficient recruitment journey: 


1. The Candidate Form:


Fig.1: Candidate Form


In Kovaion’s HR module, the Candidate Form stands out as the vital hub for managing talent within the recruitment app. It acts as a digital repository, storing all essential candidate details in one place. This includes: 


  • Resumes and cover letters 
  • Educational qualifications and certifications 
  • Work experience and skills 
  • Contact details and availability 


By centralizing this wealth of candidate information, recruiters gain a comprehensive view of potential hires. They can easily track and manage candidates, ensuring that no promising talent goes unnoticed. The recruitment app’s powerful search features enable recruiters to filter candidates based on specific criteria, swiftly identifying individuals who best fit the job requirements. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and helps recruiters focus their efforts on the most suitable candidates. 


2. The Requisition Page:


Fig.2: Requisition Page

Efficiently managing job openings is vital for any organization’s talent acquisition efforts. Kovaion’s HR module addresses this need through its dedicated Requisition Page within the recruitment app. Acting as a centralized hub, this page stores all pertinent details regarding open positions, including:


  • Job titles and descriptions 
  • Required skills and qualifications 
  • Number of available positions 
  • Assigned primary recruiter 
  • Desired experience level 


Moreover, the module offers functionalities such as assigning requisition owners and tracking requisition states. These features provide recruiters with a transparent view of each open position’s status, facilitating timely decision-making throughout the hiring process. 


3. The Recruitment Page:

Recruitment Page

Fig.3: Recruitment Page


The recruitment page acts as the central hub where candidates and job openings come together. It’s where recruiters can easily connect candidate profiles with the right job openings, kicking off the recruitment process smoothly. 


Within this page, recruiters can track each candidate’s progress through different stages of the hiring process. These stages include things like scheduling the first interview (L1 scheduled), selecting candidates for the first interview (L1 selected), choosing candidates for the second interview (L2 selected), scheduling HR rounds, and selecting candidates for the offer process.  


By having these clear phases and statuses in the recruitment app, recruiters can keep an eye on how each candidate is moving through the hiring pipeline. This helps ensure that the transition between different recruitment stages is seamless and efficient, ultimately aiding in finding and securing top talent for the organization. 


4. Master Tables:

Within Kovaion’s HR module, robust Master Tables serve as a centralized repository for vital reference data, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all recruitment activities. These tables cover key categories such as 


  • Sources of candidate acquisition (job boards, social media, employee referrals) 
  • Job statuses (open, closed, shortlisted) 
  • Recruiters and interviewers  
  • Recruitment and requisition states (approved, pending, rejected)

By standardizing this information, the recruitment app eliminates confusion and reduces the risk of errors throughout the hiring process, thus enhancing efficiency and ensuring that talent acquisition efforts are effectively managed. 


Continuing the Journey: Onboarding Process Module

Recruitment app doesn’t end with the selection of candidates; it extends to seamlessly integrating new hires into the organization through a robust onboarding process. Within the recruitment modal app, the onboarding process module comprises two pivotal pages: the Background Verification (BGV) form and the Application Form. Let’s explore how these components facilitate the smooth transition of candidates into employees.


1. The BGV Form:

The Background Verification (BGV) form serves as a crucial step in validating the authenticity of candidate-provided information before onboarding. This form collects comprehensive personal, employee, and educational details to conduct thorough background checks. Here’s a breakdown of the data collected:


Fig.4: Background Verification Form


  • Personal Details: Includes essential information such as name, photo, Aadhaar number, date of birth, and current address.
  • Employee Details: Gathers information about the candidate’s previous employment history, including details of past companies, roles held, and relevant experience.
  • Education Details: Captures educational qualifications, encompassing details of colleges attended and degrees obtained, along with information regarding 10th and 12th grades.


By consolidating these details, the BGV form lays the groundwork for conducting comprehensive background checks, ensuring the organization hires candidates with verified credentials and a history of integrity.


2. The Application Form:

Complementing the BGV form is the Application Form, which focuses on gathering additional details necessary for the onboarding process. This form provides a holistic view of the candidate’s background, financial information, and familial context. Here’s a glimpse of the data collected:

Application Form

Fig.5: Application Form


  • Address Details: Collects both current and permanent address information, facilitating effective communication and documentation.
  • Bank Account Details: Captures banking information to enable seamless salary disbursal and financial transactions.
  • Salary Breakup: Provides insights into the candidate’s current salary structure, including monthly and annual components, aiding in the formulation of competitive offers.
  • Previous Employment: Documents details of the candidate’s previous employment, including roles, responsibilities, and reasons for leaving, offering valuable context for future performance evaluations.
  • Family Background: Gathers information about the candidate’s familial ties, offering insights into their support system and potential commitments outside of work.


By assimilating these details, the Application Form equips HR teams with the information necessary to personalize the onboarding experience, address individual needs, and foster a sense of belonging from day one.


Bridging the Gap: The Employee Agreement Module

Beyond the recruitment and onboarding phases, the journey of integrating new hires into an organization extends to formalizing the employment relationship through contractual agreements. The Employee Agreement module within the recruitment modal app serves as the conduit for facilitating this critical step. Let’s explore how this module streamlines the process of disseminating, signing, and managing employment agreements.


Fig.6: Upload Agreement File


1. Uploading Company Agreements:

Recruiters are tasked with uploading company agreements, including employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and other pertinent documents, into the Employee Agreement module. These documents serve as the foundation of the employer-employee relationship, outlining rights, responsibilities, and obligations for both parties. Candidates are pivotal players in the employment agreement process, as they are tasked with downloading, signing, and reuploading the agreements within the recruitment modal app. Upon accessing the platform, candidates navigate to the designated section where they can easily download the agreements provided by recruiters


2. Enhancing Efficiency and Collaboration:

Beyond its individual components, a well-designed recruitment modal app fosters efficiency and collaboration among recruitment stakeholders. Features such as notifications, reminders, and collaborative feedback mechanisms streamline communication between recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers, expediting decision-making processes and reducing time-to-hire.


Benefits of Kovaion’s HR Module: 

 Kovaion’s HR module goes beyond just basic recruitment functionality. Here are some key advantages it offers: 


  • Reduced Time-to-Hire: Streamline the hiring process with efficient workflows, ensuring you fill open positions faster. 
  • Enhanced Organization: Keep all your recruitment data meticulously organized in one central location for easy access and retrieval.  
  • Improved Collaboration: Foster seamless communication between recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers through built-in collaboration tools. 
  • Minimized Errors: Standardize the hiring process across the board, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring consistency. 
  • Elevated Candidate Experience: Provide a smooth and efficient application process for candidates, boosting their overall impression of your organization. 



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As an overview of Kovaion’s HR module, it is a comprehensive recruitment app, that offers a seamless and efficient solution for talent acquisition. By centralizing candidate information, streamlining job requisitions, and facilitating smooth onboarding processes, Kovaion empowers organizations to save time, enhance collaboration, and ultimately, find the best-fit candidates for their teams. With its focus on reducing errors, improving organization, and elevating the candidate experience, Kovaion’s HR module stands as a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of modern recruitment. 


Author: Subash Balraj, Software Engineer



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