With the use of Electronic Signatures, critical documents can be conveniently signed online by the required parties, thus saving time and cost.

We are currently witnessing a drastic shift in how companies can make their employees productive during the pandemic situation where the work cannot be carried out in traditional ways and the remote working culture has set in. In this perspective, carrying out document processing with the help of e-signatures saves a lot of effort.


As of today, various documents are printed, signed manually and stored. This leads to loss of productivity and traceability of documents. There is a dire need to run our business processes in a fast paced manner yet systematically. Hence we need to automate document processing end to end and the key part is getting the documents digitally signed by the relevant parties.

Native Electronic Signatures for Checklist Tasks:

Oracle HCM Cloud offers an automated functionality to capture native eSignatures from stakeholders for Checklist Tasks. Ranging from Onboarding formalities, day-to-day business activities, to Off boarding formalities, document processing remains a constant need.

Below are some of the documents that require acknowledgements and signatures:

  • Onboarding: Offer Acceptance letter, Appointment letter, Proof of address, citizenship, previous employment, qualifications, etc.
  • Probation Confirmation letter, Performance Appraisal letter, Ad-hoc Designation change certificate, Ad-hoc Increment certificate, etc.
  • Off boarding: Approval on Resignation letter, Relieving letter, Experience Letter, No objection Certificate, Full and Final Settlement Confirmation, etc.

Using Oracle HCM Cloud’s enhanced electronic signature functionality, Checklist Tasks can be created and allocated along with the document to be electronically signed. The respective stakeholder to whom the Checklist Task is allocated may view the document, eSign the same and mark the completion of the task.

Business Benefits:

  • Transition from Paperwork to Digital document processing.
  • Less time spent on getting the documents signed from relevant parties.
  • Secure option to process documents remotely during unprecedented situations.
  • E-Signatures are verifiable; fraudulent activities can be avoided.

Key Features:

  • The Checklist Task can be completed only when the Stakeholder’s Name is entered.
  • Once the Checklist Task is completed after capturing the eSign in the attached document, the system does not allow edit/delete the eSign.
  • Electronically signed documents automatically flow to the respective stakeholder’s Document Records as a PDF attachment.
  • Signer Name, Email, IP Address and Date of signature can be captured in the eSign.

Setup Steps:

Fig.1: Checklist Setup – Enter Checklist details in the General tab

Fig.2: Task Setup – Enter Task details in the Details tab

Fig.3: Report Path construction

BI Publisher report path + Optional parameters (parameter name = {parameter value})

Use the prefix “?” before the first parameter followed by “&” before additional parameters.

Fig.4: Sample SQL Query used to generate Appraisal Letter

Fig.5: Supported Parameters

Fig.6: Sample Data

Fig.7: Create a Report with the required RTF Template

When the configured Checklist is allocated to a person, the mentioned Report is tagged along with the respective Checklist Task to be E-Signed.

User Steps:

Fig.8: Navigate to assigned Checklist Task

Fig.9: Open Assigned Task

Fig.10: Provide E-Signature

Fig.11: View Completed Checklists

Fig.12: Post completion of Checklist Task, E-Signature cannot be edited/deleted

Fig.13: Document Records

Fig.14: E-Signed Document flows to Document Records as a PDF attachment

Fig.15: Download E-Signed Document

Mithila Sriram
Kovaion – Oracle Cloud Team