Page and Field Configurator

Users can configure fields and pages of any component without touching the App Designer. Want to know how?

Read along!!

The Page and Field Configurator allows the following modification:

  • Changing Label of Page Fields
  • Hiding Page Fields
  • Graying out Page Fields
  • Setting a field as a Required Field
  • Setting default Values to fields
  • Hiding/Un-hiding entire page in a component
  • Making entire page in a component as display only

Steps to configure a Page using Page and Field configurator:

Navigation: Enterprise Components  -> Page and Field Configuration -> Page and Field Configurator

Page Configuration

  • Use the Define Configuration page to define the page and field changes to be made in the selected component.
  • Use the User List page and define the list of users to whom the configuration needs to be applied.
  • Use the Map to Portal Registry Page to map the configurations to the corresponding portal registry entries.

Add a new value and select the component name for which you want to do the modification and give Market as global or as per need.

Add the description and click on define criteria to define the criteria based configuration or click on User List to define the security based configuration

Step 1: Define Criteria

Click on the prompt button to select the field to define the criteria.

User can select a page from the component for which the criteria needs to be applicable. All the fields from the selected page is displayed in Page field section, user can select the field.

For the selected field provide the criteria only for those fields the change will be applicable.

Step 2: User list

As mentioned page and field configuration can be achieve based on security by selecting user list.

The changes will be shown only for users in the selected list

Based on level selected

  • Header Level – security will be applicable for all sequence.
  • Sequence Level – we can provide security for each sequence defined in the criteria tab

Based on Applies To selected

  • All user with Exceptions –Change visible to all users except for the list in Excluded User grid
  • Selected Role With Exceptions – Changes visible to all users tagged to the mentioned role and not to users in Excluded user grid
  • Selected User – Changes visible to all users provided in the list

The configuration changes will be applied for the mentioned role.

In Page Configuration tab > Configuration field properties section select a field to define the changes that needs to be configured.

By selecting the options like Modify Label, Hide Field, Disable Entry, Required Field and Default value we can configure the changes. Once the configuration done click on the validate configuration button.

Validation should be successfully completed

Step 3: Map to portal registry tab.

Select the Content reference navigation for which the configurations needs to be applied and click on Apply Configuration button

Once configuration are applied to component click on save.

Test the changes

Now Login as an employee tagged to the role mentioned in the user list tab.

Open the component to which the Configurations has been applied.

The highlighted field labels has been changed according to the configuration

Same page for the users who doesn’t have the mentioned role will display as below


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